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  2. MORRRNINGGG NERDDOSSS ITS BLYSS DA SILVA WITH THEM FRESH TUNESSSSSSSSSSSS I used to go clubbing every week with the girl that keeps showing up in this video clip, the one in the far left on the thumbnail xDDDD GANDA BEAT PRIMO
  3. You know you're mentally challenged when JAMES FUCKING G gets a better score than you on an exam made for 10 year olds
  4. deserved top 5 holy fucking shit too bad she sucked her perfomance felt really forced otherwise she had potential to win the contest
  5. envious* do I have to teach you your own language? <3
  6. 23/25 I thought I would do way worse tbh I suck at grammar but english is so much easier than portuguese
  7. all they'll get is folders and folders of hentai, shemale porn and league videos gl hf nerdos on a srs note ty good to know
  8. jesus learn how to take a joke no need to go full brandon
  9. can we start using a [nerd] tag on threads like these so i dont have to read bullshit like this ever again? thank you in advance
  10. good vibes
  11. nassssty drop