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  1. @Kai sometimes you show me decent songs
  2. Blyss

    Classic WOW

    I played the new expansion (BoA) for less than a month and it was horrible. I hated the first raid and quit afterwards but idk if it has improved afterwards. Legion was really fun and I've played WOTLK in a private server a few years ago which was also somewhat fun. Classic seems interesting, specially for og players, but I always hated leveling so it's not for me. The best part of Wow (imo) are the mythic raids and legion was amazing in that aspect, every boss was fun for me.
  3. last time i came this hard i was fucking conor
  4. Blyss

    It's over.

    fuck you for leaving this shit turned into a weeb fag fest
  5. easily kai tbh you weird fag
  6. my tiny dog would fuck u pale midgets up now some1 tell me whats my snapchat username please tyty
  7. probably the fucking hurricane while i was in mexico, that shit turned paradise into hell in 1 night. (i'm 90% sure it was hurricane Emily)
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