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  1. Superhot crash fix?

    <19:24:29> "Kai": sorry i dont know how to fix that becasue i dont play shit games you retard uninstall it please before i come to your house in whatevfer shit hole you live in and rape your entire family, starting with your sister, moving all the way up your family tree to your grandparents.
  2. Superhot crash fix?

    Brain crash fix
  3. What are you listening to right now?

    5 years after falling in love with this song I hear it in a club and they used those quick white flashes during the drop that make everything look like a slideshow, rip everyone around me Which also reminds of me this fucking banger, this was played in every single club every single week after its release. Literally the Despacito of drum and bass back then lol
  4. Favorite childhood games

    TH pro skater 4 , age of empires, empire earth, age of mythlogy , morrowind, those old 2d sonic games, warcraft 2 and 3, cod 2, all the old fifas and pes, zelda, starcraft, metin ??????????
  5. Favorite childhood games

    Sly, KH, medal of honor frontline, sonic adventure on dreamcast, all pokemon games til gen 3 (included), smackdown vs raw til 2007, jak and daxter til jak 3, soldier front, silkroad, cod4 promod, cs 1.6 Edit: Oh gta vice city, 3, san andreas and all the og nfs games
  6. Two lies, one truth - your life

    Yo mr stay at home on a friday night i havent even started Aight 2) was a bit tricky On 1) I never actaully fucked her we just made out a bunch of times. 2) tricky tricky cuz everything is true except I wasnt the one who convinced the dj it was my friends 3) is da truth edit: drunk me gives no fucks hahaha
  7. Two lies, one truth - your life

    1 is the truth, 2 and 3 are the lies? Either way 3 is retarded in so many levels. 1) I've shared a girl with a friend before. We both fucked her a couple of times until my friend developed feelings for her so I stepped away (I'm not proud of it). 2) A month ago I went to a club and at the end of the night I convinced the dj to play dnb and come to the dance floor with us which he did. I also got a free drink from one of the managers of the club just because I was nice to him (I had no idea who he was) 3) I made out with a model that was 2 years older than me. I was 19 at the time. Once again, they all have some truth to it and the sentences are mainly focused on girls/nights/w.e to make it interesting.
  8. What are you listening to right now?

    Netsky + my favorite song by Ed Sheeran ooooooooooooh god
  9. Free Twd s1

    understandable I was just wondering why would it be merged insted of being deleted lol
  10. Free Twd s1

    ????? did u make a new thread and it got merged into this one?
  11. Favourite football teams

    GOD team. Missing Van Nistelrooy tho unless I'm blind.
  12. What are you listening to right now?

    happiness factory
  13. Two lies, one truth - your life

    hard one but my guess is that 1 and 2 are the lies. 1) I was caught smoking weed at school and was sent to the principals office which told me that I looked like a dealer. I had to go to the police station and sign up for one of those shitty ''recovery programs''. 2) During a meeting of my classes's parents with our teachers I was playing football with some friends just outside the building they were in and I kicked the ball into one of the windows which broke it. We proceeded to run away but were caught. My mom had to pay for the window plus I was suspended for a 3 days. 3) I was in Mexico when hurricane Emily came through. I was having the best week of my life in the best hotel I've ever seen when the hurricane destroyed everything. Luckily the hotel's structure was ready for hurricanes so we were safe in our rooms. I spent the rest of the holidays drinking the water from all the coconuts that were in the floor. Note: All of them have some truth to it ;) Edit: That's correct @Doomblade94 . I was never sent to the police station on 1) and I wasn't suspended nor my mom had to pay for the window in 2). Good job!
  14. What do you want from your life?

    For the 200th time I want to travel around the fucking world, I want go almost everywhere and be happy doing it. That's all :D