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  1. You lucky few, Been hoping to grab this, now i gotta wait till next year.
  2. Dota is like crack, and I've relapsed. Here's to another 3.8k hours down the line. Rainbow six occasionally, Still not halfway done with Witcher 3,
  3. So I was watching some stream and he was watching game trailers, saw a trailer for an RTS game by the people who remastered C&C
  4. 2 Marks away from getting an A* in my Maths, Gonna send that shit to get remarked. Physics got a B Biology B AS Maths 1 B I'd say I'm happy, but Since I've moved to the states now, Gotta do the SATs as well, fml
  5. Good person, Never active anymore doe which is a shame
  6. Is good with spicy, dash some salt on that and it's best pizza there is.
  7. Cyberpunk made me wet, I was hoping Microsoft would release anything about AoE 4, Little disappointed
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