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  1. ҉NuclearGamer

    Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour.

    Demolition GLA best
  2. ҉NuclearGamer

    What game are you the best at within Outbreak?

    Siege Aoe 2 CoH
  3. ҉NuclearGamer

    GCSE's 2018

    2 Marks away from getting an A* in my Maths, Gonna send that shit to get remarked. Physics got a B Biology B AS Maths 1 B I'd say I'm happy, but Since I've moved to the states now, Gotta do the SATs as well, fml
  4. ҉NuclearGamer

    Post one nice thing about the person above you

    Good person, Never active anymore doe which is a shame
  5. ҉NuclearGamer

    Is pineapple on pizza good?

    Is good with spicy, dash some salt on that and it's best pizza there is.
  6. ҉NuclearGamer

    An introduction to Mafia

    Si senor t
  7. ҉NuclearGamer

    E3 2018

    Cyberpunk made me wet, I was hoping Microsoft would release anything about AoE 4, Little disappointed
  8. ҉NuclearGamer

    How much you spent on Steam?

    Oil money
  9. ҉NuclearGamer

    Happy Birthday Akame

    Happy birthday
  10. ҉NuclearGamer

    Share your clips!

    where skins gg bad game
  11. ҉NuclearGamer

    Game Changers

    Remove the 3D shit and game of the year confirmed
  12. ҉NuclearGamer

    Game Changers

    For sure it will be something using VR, >>CopyPasted>> Half-life revolutionised first person shooters and storytelling in games by never dropping you out of the first person view and allowing you to interact with dozens of things during play. Instead of all npcs being enemies you had friendly npcs like the doctors, you could sprint, jump, climb ladders, crouch, you had to solve puzzles, take leaps of faiths across chasms, crawl through air ducts and hundreds of other things that modern games now take for granted. Whilst it wasn't the first real 3D fps (Quake being the first), it was the most ambitious, and it's constant on-going story-telling that was only seperated by loading screens with no 'levels' involved. It didn't feature any of the usual 'fight your way through x amount of enemies to end of level then face boss' mechanics that games like wolfenstein, quake and doom were known for, it was a seamless trek through an enormous facility littered with all manner of deadly traps and enemies.Many things you see now in first person shooters as a standard thing was started by half-life, the same as many of the standard things we see in first person shooters today were also started by half-life 2, when it introduced the idea of real-time physics including bouyancy, gravity and ragdoll models.And it's these reasons that I believe Half-life 3 is still being kept in the dark. Valve revolutionised games with HL1, then they did it again with HL2, it's a benchmark to which all other games have to compare themselves, so until they have enough new and unique features to put into HL3 to do it again, Valve won't let anything slip through the net. Also I wish RTS games make a comeback and get games executed similar in fashion to red alert 2 and aoe 2