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  1. until

    sign me up
  2. Quake

    Been Gone

    Congratz man, Welcome back. Hope to talk to you soon.
  3. Quake


    There is a zombies mode!
  4. Quake


    I'm delighted that it is back to boots on the ground but you cant tell much from the trailer. I'm looking forward to the multiplayer reveal at E3 though.
  5. Quake


    Best intro post I've read in ages.
  6. Really chill guy, and is great fun to play with. Had a good laugh with him during the spring tourney. +1 from me.
  7. The first 6/7 episodes of it are drawn out and boring but from then on it is quite good. The fight scenes aren't the best but it has got me hyped for 'The Defenders' this summer.
  8. Quake

    ESL Outbreak Spring 2017


    Name: Quake Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/QuakeEU/ Matchmaking Rank: Gn2 Player/Reserve: Player Commitment Availability: I have training friday evening (7-9) but other than that im good.
  9. He is a great guy who is easy to talk to. He has good activity and integration on all platforms. +1 he already proved he good be a great member so why not
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