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    Its Friday
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    Outbreak was a very fun part of my life. I Hope this community evolves in to something much better. See You In The Next Life Warriors. "Goodbye My Lover, Goodbye My Friend, You Have Been The One, You have Been The One For Me." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVyggTKDcOE
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    Its Friday (Re-Introduction)

    Thanks Everyone For The Warm Welcome Back Really Appreciate It.
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    The Happy Birthday Thread

    15th January :D
  5. Predator

    Its Friday (Re-Introduction)

    Stopped Watching Him A While Back, Just Find Him Not Entertaining Anymore.
  6. Predator

    Its Friday (Re-Introduction)

    Dunno I Have Just Been Doing This Ever Since The Playstation 3.
  7. Hi there, Some Of You May Already Know Me As Predator Or Its Friday. I Have Been Gone For A While Mainly Because Of Upgrading My PC. I Am Making A Re-Introduction Due To My First One Being Absolute Shit. My Name Is Maris, And My Nickname Is Akram. I Have A Nickname Because My Parents Told Me The Story Of How They Could Not Figure Out A Name They Both Agreed On, However I Prefer Akram. I Have Been Gaming On PC For Only About 1 Year And 6 Months, I Prefer PC Gaming Over Console Gaming Because On PC You Can Add Stuff Such As Mods And It's Way More Challenging And Also Fun. Why Exactly Did I Choose PC Gaming? (Other Than What I Have Already Said^^) Mainly Because When I First Started To Watch LeafyIsHere I Adored Surfing. Additional Info: I Come From Somaliland And Also I Am Half Dutch, I Barely Speak Dutch However I Can Understand It. I Was Born And Raised In England, London And Have Lived Here All My Life. I Hope You Had Fun Reading My Re-Introduction Thanks,
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    Happy Birthday Rachel <3

    Happy Birthday Rachel!!
  9. Predator

    Help me name my M9.

    How About "Bae Or Nah" ? :D
  10. Predator

    JailBreak Donator BUG

    rip only 14 :(
  11. Hi there it's been a while since i've posted, but that's not the case. Since there's no particular "Bug" Section on the forums i had no idea where to post this, so anyways i really have no idea when i bought the outbreak donator for 2 months (10 Pounds) but I know for a FACT I Have had it for well over 2 months however my donator is not gone in game, now I want to help this community grow, and imagine if someone bought this and did not report it to the forums no one would notice. The Only reason I Have not reported it earlier is because i have not had the time to,my apologies. I Am Well Aware if this is a bug i will lose my donator but I am a gentleman of complete integrity. Thanks For Reading Sincerely Predator(Its Friday)
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    Would you rather thread

    I'd rather it rain everyday Would You Rather Have The Ability To Instantly Teleport To Only A McDonalds Or Fly And Only Go 5mph
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    Happy Birthday Nuclear!

    I Just Wanted to take the time to say: Happy Birthday Nuclear, Hope You Have A Great Day!
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    ★Christmas Giveaway★

    Sign Me Up Boss!