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Golf It Event - Results

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Solo Games


Kai's Lobby

1st Place - Weezy - 176

2nd Place - Kai - 181

3rd Place - Extinct - 186


Jamie's Lobby

1st Place - Oldmike - 187

2nd Place - Stiqqy - 194

3rd Place - Jamie - 204


For MVP, we chose the person who got the most hole in ones.

MVP: Extinct, with 8 hole in ones.

Congratulations Extinct on winning MVP for the solo games, your prize will be £200 in CS:GO skins, I'll send you the trade offer soo- 


Oh wait..


Team Games


These were the final scores for the team games:

Team 3 - Ginger, Revilia, Mike, Extinct - 1200

Team 1 - Jamie, Skill, Mini, Gaffer - 1280

Team 2 - Kai, Chris, Eagle, Stiqqy - 1323

Team 4 - Akame, Weezy, Nick, Finn - 1368


Congratulations to Team 3 for winning the team games.

If any of you winners want your OB Champ tag, message Conor or Gunstar but don't mention my name incase they ban me.


Thanks to everyone for playing in this event, I enjoyed playing and hosting it for you guys, I know that the team games were very aids as it came to hard trolling on the last map, nevertheless I still enjoyed playing even if others didn't, I hope that you guys still got some enjoyment from this event.


These are the stats if anyone wants to see them: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1I6b7RrltpU0AdWubJcM872mPm8KVilkdDu86ZeePovw/edit?usp=sharing


Also, thanks to @Finnley for helping me with event things, @Sir_Conor for not banning me for creating an event on the day of a mod meeting, @Jamie for hosting with me and @The Almighty Eagle for hosting the lobby after my game was bugged.

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fun event :)


idk what happened in kais lobby but my lobby had no problems with 3rd map i.e bugs etc so idk?

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