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  1. Fortnite - Battle Royale

    That's a lot of nades
  2. Fortnite - Battle Royale

    tbf tho could've just held right click and fragged them
  3. OB'S biggest troll?

    This is Kai's sister
  4. Season 2 of OB HUB Now Live

    What am I meant to see here?
  5. Twist the guy with no Intro post

    hmm, i think i saw you playing pvp on minecraft one time. nice to meet you brother and welcome!
  6. Wagwan piffting

    saw u on teamspeak, good at worms. should apply for member
  7. Happy Birthday Skill's mum!

    Happy Essex
  8. Names to Battlestations

    You know your pc has a clock right?
  9. Outbreak LoL Winter Championship 2018 - Results

    I would still argue that there's no point having ban 'rules' if it's just gonna be up to the host's discretion anyway This makes sense
  10. Outbreak LoL Winter Championship 2018 - Results

    I agree with everything else you've said, but why have rules set out for event bans and giving notice if you're not going to follow them? I'm all for stricter bans if that's what people want, but when the rules specifically say "Less than 24 hours notice = miss 1 event" and people get banned for 3 events despite fitting in this slot, its pretty misleading.
  11. Post Desktop V2!

    You mean the eagle?
  12. Post Desktop V2!

  13. Post Desktop V2!

    everything about this makes me uncomfortable edit: also why do you have mcafee and avg and malwarebytes
  14. Outbreak Awards 2018

    Worst baiter (in forums/ts)