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  1. +1 Been around for ages, hilarious to play and hang around with + gets drunk and screams on tinychat
  2. +1 Good guy All of my experiences with him have been pretty positive, fun guy to play with.
  3. I think the main problem here (as others have said) is more the lack of a unifying entity for the community to engage rather than the admin team. I absolutely agree that there are things the current team could do better (e.g. more communication, more mod powers (what is the benefit of not allowing mods powers like approving forum posts or moving people in teamspeak? These are pretty basic powers and if someone's a mod they should be trustworthy enough to use them)), but I don't think shifting around the team will do much - surely if somebody had an idea for how to move the community forward they would have made a post about it, no? This being said, I think bringing events back would be beneficial - servers tend to require long term commitments for sustainability and often revolve around a group of people within the community joining at once to create a core population that will actually incentivise other people to join. Events are not like this, you only have to give up a night or two and its an easy way to integrate members across the subgroups that exist. In addition, it perhaps has potential to gauge community interest in a particular game or gamemode, if people didn't find a surf/minigames/gmod/etc. event fun, it's unlikely to work as a server. I would like to clarify, however, that these should be EVENTS not server openings - they should offer the opportunity to play things that aren't usually/commonly available within OB (full sized tournaments, CTF games, 1v1s/2v2s against large numbers of people, and so on...). As a side note to this, perhaps it would be worth trying cross community events again? The last one basically flopped because everyone was on holiday while it was running but I reckon it might be worth a fair chance (In fairness, I don't know whether other members would be interested in that sort of event, so you would need to check interest first) Mintlou, I think you made some good points and sparked a good discussion, but I would perhaps split your objectives - if people don't like you they're unlikely to have a productive conversation about the issues you have with the admin team if they think that agreeing with you will allow you leadership; some people may want to change the team but not want you as owner, so not seperating these categories causes unrepresentative arguements. I would have perhaps created this thread initially with a disconnect from you - "this vote is just to see if people are happy with the admins, not whether they want me as the owner etc." and then based on the replies, moved forward with "I think I could be a good candidate..." because I'm assuming the original post wasn't entirely self-interested? Admins, I think a large part of the problem is due to the lack of communication and direction you seem to have. A stagnant/unfruitful state of development would be acceptable if we could see what work you were trying to do and it was apparent that nobody (including all members of the community) had any useable ideas. Maybe returning monthly updates would work? I understand that there may be nothing of substance to discuss in these posts (although at the moment, the stage that the FiveM server is at would be great to talk about) but I would honestly prefer a copypasta "Hey guys, we're currently just moderating, but any ideas you have for... would be greatly appreciated" to at least acknowledge the community (although if regular events came back, maybe these posts could promote them? Perhaps would be thought of a useless/spammy, idk). I also feel personally that I'm not sure what your goal is with the servers, I've heard talk about trying to build community size from some people, but a DayZ server does nothing to achieve that. Are the servers primary focus to satisfy the existing community or bring in new people? As for the claims of admin's comments, its one word against another so I can't really argue either way Also ngl this triggered me a bit when Mintlou was just talking about judging the argument, not him. "But Eagle, you just said 'surely if somebody had an idea for how to move the community forward they would have made a post about it, no?' and then proceeded to give an idea on how to move the community forward!!!1!1!" Yes, but I hadn't given much thought on community progression until the creation of this thread (which doesn't validate arguing for changing of an admin team as you can spur discussion by just creating a thread asking "how should we improve...") EDIT: Started writing this earlier in the day then forgot about it so didn't see Mintlou's newest post, he summarised things pretty well but will leave this here as I think I made a few new points.
  4. Dead by daylight and occasionally Brawlhalla/Rocket League/CSGO Also trying to learn how to play Dota 2 although I've fed basically every game I've played and spend years working out what to buy
  5. I get that, but wouldn't all the people complaining about trolling be in the normal hub anyway? - I was suggesting the casual as an addition to the main one which people can go on if they don't care about being competitive/don't fit into the skill bracket of the regular hub
  6. Sounds fun Would it maybe be worth having a casual hub as well, with all skill groups allowed but without the competitive nature? I don't know whether the cs playing portion of the community would be large enough to sustain both (at least, based on the number of people who still play cs right now), but it would still allow people who haven't spent tons of time on the game to chill and have fun - like the old popflash gathers.
  7. Eagle

    HB willy

    forgot to post yesterday so hb skillywillygoessilly
  8. Eagle


    Nice string but I was spamming z the entire time and didn't dodge zzz
  9. As a side note to this I would probably remove the leaderboard if you were gonna bring this back, it just made people play gamemodes that farmed points (Mario Party KOTH was the most aids shit I've ever played)
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