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  1. Eagle

    Hello boys And girls

    Dead by daylight and occasionally Brawlhalla/Rocket League/CSGO Also trying to learn how to play Dota 2 although I've fed basically every game I've played and spend years working out what to buy
  2. Eagle

    Bring The Hub Back?...

    I get that, but wouldn't all the people complaining about trolling be in the normal hub anyway? - I was suggesting the casual as an addition to the main one which people can go on if they don't care about being competitive/don't fit into the skill bracket of the regular hub
  3. Eagle

    Bring The Hub Back?...

    Sounds fun Would it maybe be worth having a casual hub as well, with all skill groups allowed but without the competitive nature? I don't know whether the cs playing portion of the community would be large enough to sustain both (at least, based on the number of people who still play cs right now), but it would still allow people who haven't spent tons of time on the game to chill and have fun - like the old popflash gathers.
  4. Eagle

    Happy BDay GAF

    hb hb
  5. Eagle

    HB willy

    forgot to post yesterday so hb skillywillygoessilly
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  7. Eagle


    Nice string but I was spamming z the entire time and didn't dodge zzz
  8. Eagle

    HB Hungarian

  9. Eagle

    A very overdue update

    As a side note to this I would probably remove the leaderboard if you were gonna bring this back, it just made people play gamemodes that farmed points (Mario Party KOTH was the most aids shit I've ever played)
  10. Eagle

    GCSE's 2018

    I don't go to a private school reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Edit: Top one is IT
  11. Eagle

    ob cs tourny anyone?

  12. Eagle

    Realm Royale

    I would say the engineer needs a buff, seems to only be good inside houses and even then can be pretty easily outplayed, and the weapon for both engineer and mage is dog shit in comparison to other classes. I think the skill ceiling is higher than you make it out to be - the hit reg has seemed pretty good to me when I've played it and someone who can hit consistent headshots is gonna win way more fights than someone going for bodies. Plus, take the summit clips for examples of how abilities can be used to outplay opponents: imagine the fights that could take place if both players were using those types of tricks (guaranteed that some classes like engineer + mage would be disadvantaged considering the lack of mobility they have).