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  1. Hey guys, game nights will now be consistently running every friday evening (sorry for the delay) If anybody has a game they want to play this friday, post your suggestions here and we'll have a poll in a couple of days to decide what it will be!
  2. Servers We are currently hosting a 48 slot Mordhau server (thanks Mintlou!) which is already ranked among the top 200 community servers! At the moment it is running on Frontline, but this can be changed if people want a different gamemode. We encourage everybody to try populating the server as much as possible and of course give any ideas they have for its development. Weekly Game Nights Starting this week, we will be starting up a weekly game night on Friday nights at 7:30, with the idea being that people can just chill out together on a pre-determined game. Votes will be opened at the beginning of the week to decide on which game people would like, and a channel made on teamspeak on the night. Although these are not strict events, people will still be expected to be respectful and trolls will just be banned. Discord During the community meeting, many of you expressed a good amount of interest for a Discord trial, the idea being that we would have roughly a week where the TeamSpeak server would be closed to better evaluate whether Discord would be viable or not. It is likely that this will be happening in the upcoming weeks, so keep an eye on the forums! OB Merch There has been interest for Outbreak branded merch, although it has yet to be decided what items will be available, prices etc. We would greatly appreciate any ideas regarding what you would like to see from this, and especially any potential designs that could be used. Promotions & Member of Month Congratulations to Mintlou on receiving the Partner role and Marsh, Toby, Lucy and Hazed for passing trial! Well done also to Danny on achieving member of the month for his help in event hosting, as well as other members such as Gaffer for their contributions within the community. CLWO vs OB Event We are considering running a CS:GO event with CLWO in the near future, please express your interest on this thread if you want this to happen: Staff Overhaul For those of you that haven't seen, the staff hierarchy has been re-worked, for more details see this thread: Community Meeting We held another successful community meeting on 08/06, see the notes from it here:
  3. Thanks to everybody who came to the meeting, we really appreciate it! (Sorry the notes are a bit late) Moving to Discord -Teamspeak has noticably better voice quality compared to Discord - although Discord's is still useable, we would need the nitro upgrades to come close to matching TS. -Discord seems to use more processing power than Teamspeak, but the hardware demand is so minimal it's really not worth worrying about. -Would people talk over voice less given the more accessible nature of Discord alongside its extended chat functionality? - Probably not: group chats, chat boxes etc. already exist among most OB members so if this was going to have an effect, it likely already would have. It's unlikely that we would be able to trial Discord at all without fully disabling Teamspeak, but most people agreed that this would be a good thing to do at some point. Reputation Can we bring back 'negative' (neutral) rep? There was an idea mentioned on how to implement the reactions while minimising abuse (i.e. NT spam), but the consensus was that there would be no reasonable way to moderate the inevitable trolls. Events CLWO vs OB There seemed to be a good amount of interest for an event like this, with agreement that it should ideally be hosted on a single weekend. Merch There was some interest in OB merch within the channel, with a few main questions that still needed to be answered: -Where would we host/source the merch? -What designs would people want? -What would people be willing to pay? Feedback would be greatly appreciated for this - especially who would buy it and what designs people want: please reply!
  4. There has been discussion recently about the possibility of a CLWO vs OB CS:GO event - so I was wondering how many people would actually be willing to play in an event like this, and what sort of dates would be good/bad? It would likely be held on a single weekend.
  5. I completely agree with everything in this post and I personally believe that you should be a mod tbh (but this decision will ultimately be down to the whole team), however, I do want to clarify that I think many of the irl cases in this month have been fairly unusual one-off scenarios (for example in my case I've had exams and family things going on) as opposed to consistent commitments. I do absolutely believe that people who can't sustain managing the community because of persisting irl engagements should give the role to people who can. Honestly (I might be in the minority here idk), I do like you, and your constant drive and passion for the community is one of the reasons for this - people might perceive your (and any other similar) posts as 'moaning', but I would class them more as 'critique'; you always seem to provide good cases for the arguments you make and are open to discussion over the issues. Although there is a community meeting is at the weekend, if people feel they want to talk on TS/Steam/Whatever before then, I'm totally happy to - I do want to encourage consistent open discussion about the community as opposed to just during meetings or pop-up threads, just message or poke me when I'm on and we can chat.
  6. There's a few main reasons for the lack of communication in the past month: -The staff team have been fairly busy with irl events (exams, family etc.) meaning it's been difficult to actually be productive - This is my fault that I didn't communicate this and I'm not trying to justify the lack of updates etc., but I'm more trying to point out that communication hasn't been less active out of apathy/laziness, its just been difficult to actually any posts of substance -I haven't been involved with server development so I haven't had the information to give. I was under the impression that someone actively working on the server would be making the post, but perhaps there was miscommunication there - my understanding as of now is that development is slow due to plugin updates. -Update posts used to be run monthly: its been exactly a month since the last one, so one will be coming out this month (keep in mind that monthly doesn't necessarily mean on the exact same day every month). I thought this would be a good system to start with as people seemed to be happy with it before, but if people feel they need it more frequently, I'm happy to do more -I was planning to run another community meeting last month but as previously mentioned, staff have been unavailable for any reasonable dates. I was actually going to make a post tonight about running one on the 8th I have still tried to answer questions in threads/chatbox that people raise, and I will always reply to any questions people have. If you're wondering why there's been no update post/community meeting etc. just make a thread or post in the chatbox and I'll respond I feel like people are going to interpret this as a disingenuous "I've made mistakes but I promise I'm going to change guys" post - please understand that I do genuinely listen to feedback and I'm not trying to just make people think change is happening without acting on it. This month has been fairly awkward mainly due to irl situations so things should return to a more regular circumstance soon
  7. ty for event @keemy @GingerPopper was fun
  8. A fair amount of change has taken place within the last few weeks, so it's time for an update on the state of affairs. Outbreak Community Representative Following the first community meeting, it was decided that a representative should be elected to improve communication between the staff team and members. We followed an instant-runoff vote format and I was elected as the rep (it should be noted that Akame was the actual winner of the poll, but he declined the offer so 2nd place was taken instead). The full results can be found here: There has also been some confusion over what this role entails, so for clarification, my main two responsibilities are (but not limited to): • Relaying information on the state of development within the community -This includes updates on admin meetings, future development plans etc. • Managing the monthly community meetings Remember that these are not set in stone, so if anybody feels I could change what I am doing, please do make suggestions. Role Changes Congratulations to MiniColossus on his successful promotion to member and Akame for obtaining moderator, as well as Marsh, Toby, Lucy and Vodo Hazed for getting trial. In addition, the veteran group on the forums has now been retired and replaced with 'Retired Member' - it is effectively the same, but slightly more lenient, available to 2 year old members or previous members who have been a longstanding part of the community. This allows for well known, previously active people to easily return to member once they have returned. Forum Updates There have been various small changes within the forums over the past few days: Member of the Month As many of you will have seen, there is now a 'member of the month' vote at the right of the home page. This should be used to suggest a member that you think has contributed particularly well in the past month; the top votes will be considered by the staff and a member selected - keep in mind that obvious troll picks will just be discarded. As of now, the perks of winning are purely cosmetic, appearing as a forum medal which can be displayed under your avatar: But if there are any ideas for more substantial benefits, please make a suggestion. Miscellaneous All previous warning points have been cleared (unless recent or still relevant) as to remove trivial sanctions. Calendar information now shows on the home page to notify you of upcoming events. Trophies and medals have now been fully implemented, with 'Veteran' and 'Years of Service' badges to showcase your time in the community (and reveal the filthy 2k16ers). Years of service badges require 20+ pieces of forum content per year to count towards the total. FiveM Server Development is still in progress for the server, but there have been some issues implementing certain plugins - a more detailed post will be made about this within the next couple of weeks. Events A new event schedule will now be tested to try and encourage more frequent events, following a simple alternating pattern of community choice events and staff hosted events. The community choice events will be based on a monthly poll to decide on a game, and we hope members will be willing to help with the hosting of these in the future. (Thanks to Danny for hosting the first Worms WMD event). Staff events will be run entirely by the admin team and game choice will be chosen on our perogative. Results for the first community choice can be found here:
  9. Eagle

    New server idea?

    I see this more as an event than a server tbh, most people would probably just play for the first day then get bored - unlikely to hold a sustainable playerbase (plus do that many people even own Overwatch in the community?) Looks like fun as a one-off though
  10. +1 huge ass troll in games but funny af and a cool guy when you get to know him (brags about mediocre osu plays though? not sure what thats about)
  11. +1 Been around for ages, hilarious to play and hang around with + gets drunk and screams on tinychat
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