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  1. Hobbsyy

    Hello boys And girls

    still trying to get good at cs... rank is on the rise. CSGO ESL 2020, I'll be ready
  2. Hobbsyy

    First game back, he says he wont play well.

    ??? good clips when?
  3. Hobbsyy

    McGregor vs Khabib

    get ready to watch all the faces drop when the little Irish man bounces his head off the canvas
  4. Hobbsyy

    McGregor vs Khabib

    not a chance
  5. Hobbsyy

    McGregor vs Khabib

    who you got? McGregor to win by KO round 3 latest
  6. Hobbsyy

    I require your assistance

    did you actually read the thread? Booze to youz
  7. American Football... not right now as it's the off season for my league but I still watch all the games I can on the weekend. I spend half my life watching TV series and films and have just changed college course. Other then that, not a lot.
  8. Hobbsyy

    A very overdue update

    if you want to maintain a Jailbreak server then I hate to say you're going to have to be more like CLWO. Although I strongly disagree with some of the rules they have in place and they have been for a very long time a heavily populated server, they have so many plugins that make the game enjoyable. When OB had a JB server it was more on the friendly side of things, speaking to new players, introducing them to the server to play more often. CLWO just use plugins to make the game fun for those with and without a mic, those who don't know anyone on the server, those who don't really know the rules. There are so many more plugins that OB could use to keep people playing the server rather than keeping the same consistent players. Maybe that's what the admins want, at this point I have no idea. A few ideas: Offer in-game bonuses for using the OB tag to help promote the server (most just don't change their tag when playing on other servers) Last request more often? maybe once/twice a map with more rounds per map a sort of in game currency that players can use to use to buy things that aren't just player and grenade skins; free rounds, low gravity for a round, double health etc maybe more benefits for members would encourage players to play on the servers more this is just an idea so not going to throw hundreds of points in, but if JB became a thing I'm sure we could come up with other ways to make it better than before.
  9. Hobbsyy

    A very overdue update

    why not add everything? make an outbreak server with some JB maps, skill surf, minigames, even that weird server that kai made.
  10. Hobbsyy

    What game are you the best at within Outbreak?

    shall I just put the gif on every thread then? rep4rep?