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  1. Is mixing VR & Anime a good thing

    if it isn't 2d it doesn't have my vote
  2. [Help] Anyone got Bitcoin?

    If it worth the investment? I know someone IRL who wants to invest money into a miner but has no idea about them
  3. What are you listening to right now?

    just listened to 1-800-27-8255 by logic https://gyazo.com/85a80a0ff33c2992493ba61650960a6a was nice too see you're everywhere @Revan The Dragon
  4. Humble Bundle

    https://www.humblebundle.com/store/outlast-deluxe It's free for a while
  5. CTF Event - Results

    Looks can be deceiving
  6. CTF Event - Results

    >Maps were really short and you could spawn and get to the other side before returning a flag >People went AFK after other teams spawn killed >Timer to capture a flag was 10 seconds, way too long IMO >Chaotic, pure chaos every map
  7. Why did you tag me and put no one?
  8. [Unofficial] Conan Exiles OB 2x server

    Maybe he posted it to attract players from OB and make anyone who was on the fence about the game purchase as they wouldn't have to worry about finding the right server
  9. Sony 2012 #freesony

    I miss him tbh, let's bring him back
  10. Favorite childhood games

    Pokemon, spyro, that sonic game with shadows and incredible for the GBADV
  11. Black Squad

    Is there any game you're not good at?
  12. What are you listening to right now?

    17. everyone go and listen to the album it will change you :)
  13. Two lies, one truth - your life

    1 - This has gotten boring and repetitive 2 - I have green skin 3 - My first name is Pombear yeet mc earphones
  14. Two lies, one truth - your life

    1 - I can rap the whole of Hamilton, and play every part by myself and regularly give performances to my mirror 2 - I was recently a voice actor in a new season of anime (i played a villain who was sick) 3 - I met Maisie Williams at a Drake concert but was too shy to try pick her up, and because I felt embarrassed (my friends teased me about it because I had a crush on her) I left the concert and listened to it from my friends car. @Doomblade94 First two are lies and the last one is a truth?