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  1. -I'm not applying for mod or want to be a moderator? I think staff should be selected on more skills than just being on jailbreak for a long time and being known, gunstar is a good example of someone who rarely plays jailbreak but helps the community out in a lot of different ways and I'm not saying get rid of mods who only play outbreak but instead recruit people who have other skills and want to see the server expand. -Minecraft was just an example of a popular game within outbreak at the moment it could be anything from Rust to minigames my point is that jailbreak has a really small audience compared to most games / gamemodes -No defense for Atzul I just wanted two examples but if you think that new players feel welcomed and a part of the community in the majority of cases you're wrong -I have no ideas since I don't know the kind of things donators can get and what the server can supply -I've been in an event and most of the time they are a clusterfuck but if someone takes the effort to sign up to the forums, make an introduction and be active I very much doubt they will be late to the event but that's just my opinion - Valid point except If you believe I spend my whole life trolling and annoying other people you are very wrong and maybe It's because we have very little interaction you would think this or because 99% of my posts are shit tier but I'm not even that bad of a person But apart from that, thanks for the feedback Fluxy :)
  2. -Staff putting in more effort towards ob and stop accepting people who just "Keep the server clean" -Servers for trendy things (I know a lot of people recently got into minecraft) -Getting the people who play jailbreak more involved and making them feel welcome instead of making them a meme (Revan, Atzul, etc) -Better perks for donating and not just jailbreak items -Don't prioritise members and staff in events and let regular people come and join in -Let the community be more involved in the decisions and activities of OB
  3. Owner - Daffy, One of the nicest staff members with the favour of both skids and vets, knows the ins and outs of jailbreak and has experience of staffing. Will act as good cop Head-Admin - Mintlou, list wouldn't make sense if I didn't have him on it. Has a fire that is not seen in OB and knows how to get things done Admin (2 max) - Brandon, has experience and the hours - Cereal, someone for skids to connect with and monitor them SMOD (3 max) - Raw - No good - Rachel Snitches (10 max) - Chus - Rory - Pasickle - desi - Future - Toby This will be the eyes on the ground getting the dirty work done. on the front line reporting in anything bad that happens on teamspeak and the server
  4. Welcome back
  5. Sniffles
  6. Ah yes I agree 100% although it wouldn't matter about the other staff as within days Outbreak will become a god to the skids and I will rule like the leader I was destined to become.
  7. Good in theory Bad in execution
  8. Happy birthday to our favourite mod and my favourite person in the whole of outbreak! Happy birthday Rachel!!
  9. Blyss would know what it means to be mod, he was one of the greatest before "resigning"
  10. After viewing this thread I am sorry to say that my colleagues and I will not be investing Sniffles
  11. Disappointed that I heard 0 dragons rawr
  12. Saying iZac is a worse choice than Gerald is like saying Hilary was better than trump
  13. Mintlou - At this point we might as well just give him Mod since he will continue applying until it happens Toby - Sure Nuclear - Don't really have an opinion on your application, most likely wouldn't make a good mod Gerald - Only comes on OB to meme and his only chance on getting mod would be if he sucked pasickles and designated retards dick Quake - I have no clue about who you are iZac - He looks like the innocent flower but is the serpent under it
  14. Going to take a break since my headphones broke // no forums // no jailbreak // probs a little bit of teamspeak once i can be arsed to find ear phones
  15. Positives: Improved loads since last time editing has become better quality and seems less rushed Actually managed to sit and watch the whole thing and didn't Negatives: Lots of slow motion Still using gather clips (Personally I don't like them since different skill ranges, knowing the playstyles etc) Nice clips skill keep it up :))