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  1. Sniffles

    Anyone want to play a pen and paper?

    Beats me dude, 1 sniffles is enough for anyone?
  2. Sniffles

    It's over.

    Shame I'm 18 now we could've gone to spoons ?
  3. Sniffles


    6 days until I am eighteen
  4. Sniffles

    funniest person ob?

    you're all rodents
  5. Sniffles

    Admin Complaint: Lewis - The finale

    cannot tell if big and complicated bait or actual crying
  6. Sniffles

    McGregor vs Khabib

    27 fights 27 wins can't wait for Brandon to cry over this
  7. Sniffles

    McGregor vs Khabib

    Khabib wins then he retires ez
  8. Sniffles

    GCSE's 2018

    Hope you all did well and if not I hope your cs:go montages pay off xo
  9. Sniffles

    How did you find OB?

    >Had cs:go on my laptop (low graphics / 20fps) >get tired of dying in comp every time I play >Go into server browser >Randomly join first server with a population >It's OB
  10. Sniffles

    What are you wearing right now?

    odd socks blue and black french connection pj bottoms white plain nike top
  11. Sniffles

    TV shows / Movies

    Anyone got some good shows / movies they want to recommend? some that I've watched recently what I enjoyed are; -Bojack Horseman -Legion -Power -Mad Max -Inception Give me some shit to watch please ? I will rep all the friendo
  12. Sniffles

    Who would win in a fight?

    You're actually clapped
  13. Sniffles

    Who would win in a fight?

    It's the internet you dirty ket head what am I supposed to do
  14. Sniffles

    Who would win in a fight?

    Fuck off ?