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  1. Skill


  2. Skill

    Share your clips!

    Woah cancer isnt nice
  3. Skill

    How much you spent on Steam?

    I'm actually so surprised I've spent this much
  4. Skill

    Fortnite tourney results

    If I could confuse react, without giving honor to this, I would.
  5. Skill

    OB Fortnite Tourny

    if 3 more people sign up, will it be a 2v2 or 1v1 because i signed up for a 2v2
  6. Skill

    OB Fortnite Tourny

    Ur cool
  7. Skill

    Happy Birthday Akame

    hb my fucking drilla my g swear fam u get me init jheez my guy cmon bro literal brother cuuuuuuh
  8. Skill

    Share your clips!

  9. Skill

    OB Fortnite Tourny

    rip whoever's with me LMAO
  10. Skill

    New Hub New Season New Me

    playing with sov feeling like
  11. Skill

    Favourite comedians

    at least I don't need to cry and beg the staff team to remove neutral reacts because u think ur getting bully'd lmfao
  12. Skill

    Favourite comedians

    Skeff u legit just bumped like 5 old posts now we cant see any new ones smh
  13. Skill

    New Hub New Season New Me

    So whats new about you?
  14. Skill

    Monthly CS with Buy-Ins

    Sounds like a good idea, hopefully a good amount of people will be up for it