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  1. Long time since i made one of these, hope you enjoy
  2. got 4 kills with 14 fps ez
  3. -rep complete troll. jk. Wurdy's a nice guy and i would say member material. He deserves to be on trial imo. Gl bro
  4. WAIT I DIDNT ENTER IN TIME???????????????????????
  5. Welcome to Outbreak! I don't recommend meeting Chris but if you do, good luck. Cya around!
  6. thanks bro
  7. For some reason my csgo gets bugged and i cant remove the x-ray, and i cant do anything about the voices because on a faceit demo the voices are in it.
  8. Yeah i made another one, hopefully its better. (Most clips are used from faceit for the one month i had it ;p) Enjoy!
  9. From the 12th-19th, im gunna be away at spain. Cya all soon :)
  10. I think you all are forgetting someone *cough*
  11. I think we did used to have this map but it got removed (not sure). I'm guessing because its such a massive map with lots of games so it overruns the server. But it seems cool if there could be a way to add this map.
  12. so you think Is contructive criticism? and No i never thought is was going to be perfect, as i have said multiple times, its my first attempt. And i have accepted and thanked the people who gave me good feeback. And that comment wasnt directed at you. So pls dont try and make it seem that i'm being a little cry baby about my montage not being good, because im the opposite
  13. Remember this is my first time editing a video, so why is everyone being so harsh. But thanks to the people who gave me useful comments
  14. So, the last thread was full of crap so I made a fresh new one. Hope you enjoy my first edited montage :D