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  1. Share your clips!

    Ok so i somehow got matched up against the csgo pro "pimp", and although i played like a dogs anus that whole game, i managed this. I found it quite funny ;p. https://clips.twitch.tv/CaringStormyPassionfruitPraiseIt pt 2 https://clips.twitch.tv/SmoothAlluringGerbilTriHard (Watch chat lmao)
  2. Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather

    McGregor did better than i was expecting especially for his debut boxing match and Mayweather isnt undefeated for no reason. gg.
  3. Game nicknames

    I first joined the community with the name "Maxy" and i got banned straight away for being a retard or something so i thought, "what could i change my name to" "what relates to me the most" so i called myself skill eksdee.
  4. Guess their face

    @ThunderSuck ur mum
  5. New Server Ideas

    If you dont try new things, nothing can be achieved. You can't be sure history will repeat itself when this is a very different type of server which we've had before. There is nothing wrong with trying eventhough it might take a long time to set up. I mean jailbreak and anyother things we've tried is so far dying so i dont see a reason why something different isnt worth a try. Tbh i know if we had a 1v1 server or retake server, i would and i know people who would play the server quite frequently and can build a good atmosphere whilst populating it. Ofcs its only my opinion but if we dont do something different we will be a dead community in no time.
  6. Share your clips!

    This is the shit that prevented my deagle ace. ok brb uninstalling
  7. Share your clips!

    I'm thinking you're mad
  8. Share your clips!

    Although I played one of my worst games, I hit this.
  9. Share your clips!

    Got this in an esea 12hp
  10. ESL Outbreak Summer 2017

  11. ESL Outbreak Summer 2017

    Every game should be streamed imo.
  12. Hope u enjoy
  13. Krakow 2017 Pick'Em

    This is what i'm predicting, post what you have! (for some reason not letting me put pictures on so...) 3-0: G2 0:3: Vega Remaining 7 teams that will advance: SK ASTRALIS FAZE GAMBIT C9 FNATIC NORTH
  14. When you get Skill'd

    Only made this for a different sort of video on the forums, but take it as you wish