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CTF Event - Results

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From myself, @Finnley and @Designated Retard I want to thank everyone who participated in the CTF event, I really enjoyed watching it unfold.



The winning squad for this event was the Pig beasts. Congratulations to @Absolute, @Mintlou, @YoungGerald, @OLÉ for achieving the most team captures

The MVP was @Skill getting over 60 kills each round. Congratulations for your frenzy

You shall receive an invite to Outbreak Champion if you message an admin.


Team scores

Here are the total team scores. Each capture for the team each squad was on counts as a point for the squad.

  1. Pig Beasts: 16
  2. Quiet Ghosts: 15
  3. Lively Scarecrows: 5
  4. Blood Hounds: 6



We're trying to open a communication channel to improve events. If you have any feedback comments please post them in the thread for feedback


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i didn't really like the dm part as people respawned every 5 seconds cos it just resulted in getting spawn killed about 6 times before i could get out the base. plus the choosing of guns was annoying to do every time u died because the forever option on your choice didn't work.

As for for spawn killing thing, something like a rule so people cant spawn kill and/or choosing maps which are bigger and have a more hidden spawn point from enemy field of view would improve it.

i feel CTF doesn't work to well on cs. but can clearly see you guys gave it a good go. respect to that.

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First of all thanks again for the event which had it's fun parts and it's less fun parts, the idea of the event was wonderful but I think we can all agree that it didn't go as good we hoped it would.

Everyone blaming the hosts doesn't realize how stressful it can get when many people fail to show up on a short timescale as people don't notify in time.

I have never hosted an event yet but I still wanna give some criticism, I think nobody knew when it was really live and I saw a lot of people go afk because of that and for other reasons however it's really sad to see people go afk as soon as their team are going downhill and you should talk to those individuals going afk during the event.

Congrats to my team for winning and to @Skill for winning the mvp, didn't see my team winning the event but I thought I was gonna get the mvp award for most kills and I would love some sort of statistic for that if there is one, other then that had a good time!

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