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  1. Mintlou

    hb mintlou

    Thanks guise.
  2. Mintlou

    Admin Complaint: Lewis - The finale

    Lock/Move/Delete please.
  3. Mintlou

    Admin Complaint: Lewis - The finale

    Who are you? Why do you care when you've got a job that pays more than all OB's parents combined?
  4. Please stop ending topics so that I cannot respond. I find it highly irritating and I will keep making more to respond. To summarise and end this: You purposely mic spammed You have admitted to it without directly saying "yes I mic spammed, I'll stop now lol" I did warn before the final comment of "right, I'm making an admin complaint" - I don't go from 0-100 like that When I use soundboards, I generate a consensus for how much the channel wants to hear it, when a group complains, I do stop. I've actually been better at that recently. I admit it as well, yes I do play lots of sounds. I don't want any action taken against you, and that's the truth. All I wanted was for you to admit it wasn't accidental. You were legit trolling and you are using your position to argue otherwise. Don't get so fucking defensive and official when you were actually the one in the wrong to start with, it could have all ended right there and then if you just said "yeah ok haha". You never even said it was an accident at the time, you just kept doing it AS I was asking you to stop. Time to move on. For the record, you are permanently muted.
  5. Mintlou

    Admin Complaint: Lewis - Non Censored cut

    Right that's it. I'm dead naming you for a week.
  6. I had predicted that my post wouldn't get approved. Censoring the other side of an argument is extremely petty and further proves my ongoing point of unnecessary over-regulation. So for those that missed it, here's a screen-cap: (as I was correct to predict you'd be such a megalomaniac regarding my request)
  7. Mintlou

    it all makes sense now

    Any SpongeBob meme gets a like from me. This made me laugh.
  8. Mintlou

    TeamSpeak Complaint: Lewis (Resolved)

    You aren't stupid enough to play dumb. You know what you were doing, you wanted a reaction and you got one. Then you use that to write some impartial, patronising response to a genuine complaint on this forum. I would expect someone in your position to be following the rules and leading by example, rather than breaking them and blaming the members for their past mistakes as a way of justifying your own actions.
  9. Admin Complaints: Admin Name: Lewis / THE BEAST SteamID: N/A What did he do: Repeatedly leaking sounds from the Minigames server into the channel through his mic. Gunshots, music and other in-game sounds. Many of us asked him to stop, and he has totally ignored our requests. Evidence: Ask people present in channel: Date of incident: 08/10/2018
  10. Mintlou

    What is the BEST BEER

    "Larger" is my accent slipping into my spelling lol. Also, there was a max of 20 options and I picked the stuff that can be purchased at popular supermarkets.
  11. Mintlou

    What is the BEST BEER

    I had already predicted in TS that you'd come back with some quip about how some local larger is better because only you and your mates drink it.
  12. Mintlou

    What is the BEST BEER

    If you're a pussy who still only drinks dark fruits, go fuck yourself.
  13. Mintlou

    Tekken 7/Fighting games in general

    Tekken is the most like CS when it comes to fighting games. Ridiculous learning curve and technicality when you want to do well, and very satisfying once something works.
  14. Mintlou


    Listen to it without watching small ladies.
  15. Mintlou