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  1. Mintlou

    Sanity Check: Mini ITX PC Build

    Used this one: http://www.coolermaster.com/power-supply-calculator/ Although I reckon it is the GPU that is tipping it over. There isn't an option that I could see to specify the compact versions of the 1070, although the clocks & voltage can be tuned.
  2. Mintlou

    Sanity Check: Mini ITX PC Build

    Also you mean 1151 Motherboard https://www.scan.co.uk/products/asus-prime-h310i-plus-csm-intel-h310-s-1151-ddr4-sata3-m2-realtek-gbe-usb-31-gen1-a-mini-itx PSU 350W might be a bit close to the bar with that. I mean it would prob work but I'd go for 400W to cover yourself.
  3. Mintlou

    Sanity Check: Mini ITX PC Build

    I build around the budget - the single most important aspect of PC building for me. Get me a price and I'll get you a list of the best value parts for it.
  4. Mintlou

    Yo admins

    I don't get why people are even trying to reason with the admin team at this point. It happens every single time in the exact same fashion. No matter how passionate you try to be at getting things done, and how you offer suggestions about how it could be done, you will be ignored and Conor will do whatever he wants to do. You cannot honestly still believe at this point that trying to convince him to shake the admin team for the better of this server is going to work? Going by the timeline of events, what gives you any suggestion that us players will actually get what we want? A timeline will likely not be given, as that then becomes an added pressure. If one is given, it will be dramatically longer than how long it actually takes to do something like this, by which point the meme circlejerk of "background work" is enough to kill it off before players even get on it. I saw a DayZ server pop up recently, why was that not part of the monthly news thing? aaannnnnd it's gone. Stop wasting your time trying as your breath is wasted on deaf ears.
  5. Mintlou

    Yo admins

    So after 4 months of no news update you have suddenly been thinking about a GTA server? Just tired of hearing this stuff time and time again. Complaints --> "Idea in the pipeline" --> no one plays it, not even the mods --> Radio silence for months.... --> Repeat
  6. Mintlou

    Yo admins

    Outbreak is dead and no one cares.
  7. For those who aren't aware: The amount is £100,000. If you both split, you get £50k each. If one steals they take it all, and if you both steal you both go with nothing. Who is Outbreak's biggest dirtbag?
  8. Mintlou

    Outbreak in 2019

    Staff that lead and communicate effectively.
  9. Mintlou

    Hello :)

    Congrats on having the most active welcome post in the last 2 years or so. Welcome...
  10. There are too many kids joining random channels mic spamming. Only then to be banned for just 1 hr??? A new TS provider would also be good, this one lags 5 or 6 times a day.
  11. Mintlou

    brexit thread

    Should have said "WE ARE HARD OUT" right at the beginning. Anyone wants a trade deal, line up. If you don't, WTO 4 u.
  12. Mintlou

    OB vs OB - Ring of Elysium

    Who would you actually want to buy for?
  13. Mintlou

    It's over.

    Thank you. I think what we actually need is more arrogance and aggression lead by me from the OG crew, and more Conor doing his own thing in the below channels. That method has kept OB alive for the last few years.