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  1. Mintlou

    brexit thread

    Should have said "WE ARE HARD OUT" right at the beginning. Anyone wants a trade deal, line up. If you don't, WTO 4 u.
  2. Mintlou

    OB vs OB - Ring of Elysium

    Who would you actually want to buy for?
  3. Mintlou

    It's over.

    Thank you. I think what we actually need is more arrogance and aggression lead by me from the OG crew, and more Conor doing his own thing in the below channels. That method has kept OB alive for the last few years.
  4. Mintlou

    It's over.

    Mintlou right then, Mintlou still right now.
  5. Mintlou

    Happy birthday to my best bud!

    Big happy birthday to the original OG of Outbreak. I don't want to speak to you until you're full of cake, ice-cream and two keys of cocaine!
  6. Mintlou

    funniest person ob?

    What would you be without countless idiotic soundboards? Hint: Still an idiot
  7. Mintlou

    Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour.

    Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge or nothing.
  8. Mintlou

    funniest person ob?

    This can be broken down into 2 categories: The idiot that makes everyone laugh because they're an idiot. - Brandon The guy who says stuff that is actually funny, laughter coming from the content rather than the person. - For me it would be Venga or Jak, with Sony in 2nd place

  10. Mintlou

    Cheap but reliable smart phones

    I was going to recommend what Gaff said. Huawei Honor 7x or 8x are both good choices.
  11. Mintlou

    Photograph critiquing thread

    1. Post photos you have taken 2. Get thoughts from others as well as advice, tips and tricks.
  12. Mintlou

    hb mintlou

    Thanks guise.
  13. Mintlou

    Admin Complaint: Lewis - The finale

    Lock/Move/Delete please.