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  1. Mintlou

    Sad reality

    That is unfortunately the thought and position of most people here. Very hard to kick start back from that. We're all sat here rolling in our own shit.
  2. Mintlou

    Sad reality

    Something something community members all having a jolly moan about integration and activity. We're all guilty. "Community" isn't one person. It's all of us. TS5 is our next thing realistically.
  3. Fluxy jabbing mintlou at any opportunity - focus a bit more on your own life before you start judging something I choose to do outside of work as a hobby. Remember when people laughed at us for running weekly game nights rather than just joining in with them? As ever, open to suggestions and will implement anything people ask for - which I have done within a week of anyone wanting something. We all agree that OB is in a strange period where no one will ever decide on a game to play. It makes it quite hard to bring people together. I suppose the most important thing I've learned so far on the Admin team again is that the members are much more important than staff as collectively that's what drives progress. When admins get ridiculed for trying to get members together you have to ask yourself, how does that encourage progress? It might seem a bit hypocritical of me to make that statement, but most of my prior grievances were due to lack of communication. I'll always be open to talking and listening to whatever the community wants to do. Let us know if you want another meeting where these views can be talked about rather than bitterly sparring on the forums. TL:DR, get a life Fluxy.
  4. @Quinn I have a bag of gold stars on my desk for people who write their posts with good grammar, unfortunately I'm not able to issue any of them to you as you've lost the basic ability to write when in the state of immense disagreement with people.
  5. pre power mintlou still got involved with pointless forum arguments and would trade insults with people.
  6. Not a bad response from a BTEC drug dealer.
  7. So my question to you all on behalf of @SonyTwan Would you rather fuck your dog or kill it?
  8. Let's not make any fuss about who voted until it closes then single out the non-members in a big list, then end the post with a thinking emoji to somewhat suggest that this vote shouldn't have included those people because it didn't turn out the way you wanted it to.
  9. Ladies, Gentleman and all other 97 genders and pronouns. ORDAARR, ORDARRRR, Aye's to the right 31, No's to the left 29 The Aye's have it The Aye's have it UNLOCK: It has been decided via a democratic vote linked to your forum account, that the future of Outbreak voice communication will exist on TeamSpeak 3. Thank you for taking the time to think about this and cast your vote. This has been a subject of long deliberation within the community among its members and guests who visit. The other matter on which you may ponder, is how on God's great Christian earth did we get 60 votes? To provide an answer to that tantalising conundrum, I will tell you that most of the cast votes are, in fact, made up of inactive members; That is to say, members whom have rightfully earned their entitlement to vote on these important community decisions, thanks to their service of two or more years as once active representatives of Outbreak Community. We would like to take this opportunity to invite those inactive members back into the community to lend their high-standing representation back to Outbreak, in an attempt to attract future individuals to consult our forum and apply for the same positions. Going forward, Discord voice channels will be disabled. This will allow the platform to purely exist as a text chat alternative, kind of like a big WhatsApp group without having to give people your phone number. TeamSpeak 3 will remain open, and I suspect will fill up again much like the good old days. There is a Music bot plugin that has been installed, and DJs will be appointed to keep it clean and functional. We are working on that bot right now. But it is in a working state. See you on TeamSpeak. (Again, this will be revisited when TeamSpeak 5 finally launches)
  10. Ryzen 1st and 2nd gen were proof of concept you ask me. I wouldn't advise people buy them as they don't give amazing results compared to what Intel has. Go with 3rd Gen, or save cash until you have enough for it.
  11. Mintlou

    discord won

    Vote's open till Friday evening @w33zy We'll act on the result at the end of the day.
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