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  1. To finalise my yearly updates: AMD is releasing their new 3rd gen, Zen 2 CPUs on July 7th. The bit you need to know: Rumour has it they are faster on single core performance than Intel (previously Intel stuff has ALWAYS won here), faster on multi-core (AMD Ryzen usually wins here) AND they are going to be cheaper than the Intel counterpart. If all the above is true, there is no reason you'd buy an Intel CPU other than you don't wanna fork out on a new motherboard. And if you still want to be an Intel fanboy you bet they'll be dropping prices around the end of July to compete. Good for customers. RAM has returned to normal pricing - in my head that's been £40 for 8GB SSDs are ludicrously cheap - 120GB SSD a year ago would have been around £70, they are now ~£20 GPUs have come down in price because Bitcoin died off If you are thinking of building a new PC, July/August is the best opportunity for the last 5 years to do it! I've been following Ryzen from day one, and we're about to see the results of AMD's efforts. Support them to keep the CPU market competitive.
  2. Some good feedback on the server this morning, thanks guys!
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  4. Well we plan to do a proper trial soon. When dates are decided you'll be the first to know!
  5. I think adding: With no rep removal would solve this problem.
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  7. 6 Strong years of loyal service from this gent. Well done THE DIRTY HACKER
  8. It just doesn't seem that productive to be moaning about people moaning. oh well
  9. Yeah @MiniColossus I also hate it when people keep moaning about the same thing. Your input for the last few months is you telling mainly me how much you hate me moaning about wanting Outbreak to progress in a different way. I've got some advice for you, unless you've got ideas for the direction of this community that help the cause, don't bother posting.
  10. TL;DR. Watch this space.
  11. This is a completely valid and fair point, it's also one that keeps popping up. If you are don't have time to run a community, let people join the team who can. I have already demonstrated that I will work to get servers up to match current trends (Mordhau 1v1 only now btw), I find it hard to continue to do drive myself to do this if we are met with this kind of response all the time. I would like to be able to assist Outbreak do new things without it feeling like I'm working for some silent crew of people that haven't got time for it. I want to be a part of the leadership team and have a say on technical projects. That's my offer. Don't let us get to Christmas without a new server for the love of sweet Mary Jesus. There aren't many here crying out for technical strives, events, competitions or Outbreak as a whole to "progress". I'm one of the few options for it. Yeah alright you probably don't like me that much and I have moaned for about 5 years, but I can't sit here letting all this potential go to waste. It is something I am quite passionate about not letting go. Edit: Also I forgot to mention that I have secured funding for server stuff, so hit me up if you want details about how it works. It won't come out of anyone's pockets that's for sure.
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