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  1. Allow us to block Mods on the forums

    What's the point of blocking them, they never post anything anyway.
  2. JB

    Honest answer is probably not. We tried it twice again and it hasn't been as successful as we'd like it to have been. Currently exploring new server ideas. Watch this space! If you really wanted jailbreak then my best answer would be to find another CS community that still has it. I doubt we'll go back there ever again. Wait is that a bot profile?
  3. A Way Out

    Not sure if I like the sound of an emotional adventure with you. Although I'd be willing to give it a go. Wanna go half and half on the game?
  4. Tell us if you've bought tickets here. I have, use my affiliate code if you are buying pls! https://www.theticketfairy.com/r/1980/287995 I have gone for the Premium Weekend ticket.
  5. OB NERD test

  6. Season 3 of OB Hub

    If I had the tools as a moderator of this community. I WOULD LOCK THIS THREAD.
  7. Season 3 of OB Hub

    5 notifications must be a right pain to deal with! Better you than me.
  8. Season 3 of OB Hub

    I think you made an oopsie! I was referring to the OB people who run the FACEIT hub, not us tossers.
  9. Season 3 of OB Hub

    Before changes are made, think about who will be effected. I feel that the running of the hub is all a bit ad hoc and that there are brash decisions being made without all of the involved team being told about it. Seems to be sorted now.
  10. Chatbox

    As a moderator, I can tell you some inside information about this topic. The spiderman gun is still only a £10 donation!
  11. Diet Advice ATTN HEALTHIBOIZ

    Mintlou diet Good breakfast: Wheat Bisks, or some other porridge like food. Slow release energy, very good for your digestive system Good Lunch: Cheese and Tomato sandwiches, a good quality yogurt, some kind of fruit and a bit of chocolate Good evening meal: Plenty of veggies, bit of chicken and rice is good. Tea/Coffee/Water in between, juice with one of the meals. Try to drink 1L of water between the other stuff. Stop drinking Caffeine after 3PM. Olvaltine at around 10PM.
  12. Famous Quotes

    Still working on that one.
  13. Rainbow Six Siege & Players Thread

    Mintlou - Mintlou
  14. Let's first look at this graph: It shows that Intel had no competition for the last 5+ years or so. No reason to make massive improvements as there was no competition. If you have an intel CPU. Do not upgrade to anything between 3rd and 7th gen. 8th gen is where to go for actual improvement for your money. Alternatively, if you're looking to build on a budget then I highly recommend buying a used intel CPU around the 3rd or 4th gen area. It's cheaper and basically the same as 7th gen. There was an obvious catalyst for the 37% performance increase: Intel released 2 generations of CPUs in the same year. AMD Ryzen came along and kicked the market. Intel then actually DID SOMETHING. This is excellent news for us consumers. AMD's tactic is to be the cheap underdog for enthusiasts. On a side note they are actually beginning to get back into the enterprise market. (Below pic of one of last year's server showcases, the server grade stuff is named EPYC as a competitor to Intel's Xeon lineup) They are even coming back to laptops. This is actually Uuugee for AMD. When is the last time you saw legitimate competition from AMD in the mobile market? Arguably never, AMDs older mobile CPUs have been notorious for mega battery consumption and heat output. This is changing now... I'm not an AMD fanboy. But I am a person who always builds computers with price to performance being the most important factor in my considerations. If you are also like me, then AMD should be your next choice for a CPU. Real world - AMD Ryzen 5 1600x ~£170 Intel Core i5-7500 ~£170 (Amazon prices as of right this now.) CineBench is a software that utilises all cores to render a 3d image. Ryzen has 8 cores, so can make use of them all. The gaming results are often quite even, often a tit-for-tat scenario. Intel's single core performance is often better than AMD's but the future holds better optimisation for AMDs CPUs to efficiently utilise all of their cores. Many games are limited to what they can use. TL:DR, the future just gets better for AMD. If you buy one today, software updates and developer optimisation will allow AMD to thrive in the future, as it already does when it is capable of using all the cores available. A popular analogy I've seen over the internet is: Intel is 10% better for gaming, but Ryzen is 40% better for everything else.
  15. The rare times I play well

    STOP IT GUYS. Please stop being naughty bois and gurls.