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  1. lol no idk anyone who plays aoe3 here, but I reckon I could beat most people at it ?
  2. 2 plate bench 3 plate squat 4 plate deadlift hoping to do it around august
  3. lmao when you don't even sign up and you get 2nd place, get good bois ;)))
  4. Sound dude, helpful towards other players, good cs player, his voice makes me hard. +1
  5. Would agree with this, my 6rm squat went up 10kg in 6 weeks with this, I've just finished it and am going to try my 1rms next week and post here.
  6. @nick Pretty impressive, although I'd probs be careful cuz your lower back looks pretty rounded, especially when you put the weight down. I also tend to take my shoes off when deadlifting, as it brings me closer to the ground. What really helped me to begin with is post on the subreddit /r/fitness, they have like a form checker thread where people who really know what they're doing help you.
  7. Hey dude, nice to see you here! Hope to see you around. Big fan of Mufin's Markers btw , had people from other servers compliment them before, when they came on Outbreak.
  8. Yeeeee boi Not sure if anyone here still plays hearthstone, but I've been having a blast trying to get to rank 15 (lul noob) with evolve shaman and an aggro druid deck.
  9. I'm doing: Tricep Pushdowns, Lateral Raises, Face Pulls, and Barbell Curls for upper body, and Leg Press, sometimes front squats, and leg extensions for lower, all of those are super basic and easy to do.
  10. 5'10, 73kg. Trying to bulk up a little atm.
  11. Started this 6 week program, hoping to hit an 100kg squat, a 70kg bench press and an 100kg deadlift by the end of it: http://www.canditotraininghq.com/app/download/911765404/Candito+6+Week+Strength+Program.pdf I'm currently 2 weeks in and hit my 2 plate (100kg) deadlift. How's the gym going for everyone else? @Brandon @Pasickle @SonyTwan
  12. It's GCSE results day today and I know a lot of the members of our community will be collecting their results today. I'm honestly so ridiculously nervous so I decided to make this post. Good luck from me, wishing you all the best! Edit: Got my results (5As, 5A*s) and I'm really chuffed, hope everyone got what they wanted.
  13. Cereal


    Absolute buzzing for this. Hope they don't make it modern or futuristic, the historical element of AOE is been one of the selling points for me.
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