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CTF Event - 17/9/2017

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Ensure you have all of the event hosts added to your friends list so that you can be easily invited to the event.
This event is brought to you by
Finnley, Designated Retard and Skeff.



  • This is a standard capture the flag event.  After 20 minutes the team with the most flag captures will win the round.
  • There are 20 spots in this event. Each player will be placed into 1 of 4 squads, these squads are: Pig Beasts, Quiet Ghosts, Lively Scarecrows, Blood Hounds
  • Throughout the event each squad will be put into a CSGO team.  Due to the fact there are 3 maps this means each squad will have to play with each other as seen in the following bracket:




Go here to sign up:


  • Invites will go out at 6.45PM, if you aren't in by 7PM you will be replaced.
  • A stern reminder that signing up and failing to turn up/notify us in good stead will result in event cooldowns as minimum punishments.
  • Prizes will be announced later.
  • Reserves will be picked whoever is available. In no particular order.
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