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  1. Looks like your back, welcomone I guess
  2. Philip

    Happy Birthday Weezy!

    Hb, grats on surviving in ob for another year
  3. Philip

    Congratulations to Trump I guess?

    Hide ya memes before trump gets em
  4. Philip

    Our friend Keiji

    Enjoy France mate hope to see you once you have internet there
  5. Philip

    RIP Zeus!

    It's a sad sad situation
  6. Philip

    Be nice to a 2K15er

    I'm only on 24 rep been here since a day before my bday
  7. Philip

    Roast the person above you..

    Gf can almost ride him as good as he rides his bike
  8. Philip

    Happy bday mintlou

    Happy birthday!
  9. Philip


    How to get rep: post a gif with "sp00ky" in it ez rep boys sp00kd
  10. Philip

    Lastest CSGO update thoughts?

    Sprays are dumb imo starting to go super wierd and stuff. Sounds have put me off the game I never wanted to play cod that's why I bought csgo smh
  11. Philip


    As you are doing 6-12hrs a day your over using your brain. If you are doing 2 hour sessions you are only going to remember 45 mins of that time. I suggest doing a session in 3 parts so you have the best chance of remembering it all. also don't revise loads on the day before. This will make you forget other things you have learnt and therefore only have a certain amount of knowledge at your fingertips. Just a few tips for you
  12. Philip

    Introduction of J.J.Watt

    Hello yet another from clwo, we noticed you have taken on our previous members of the community (Popey and gibby) keep em safe. welcome anyways
  13. Philip


    Gang beasts rip off
  14. Philip

    Rory - Application (ACCEPTED)

    Once a great member always a great member want him back man cmoon +1
  15. Philip

    Away Thread

    Don't have access to steam phone broke waiting til Saturday for new phone