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  1. Thats true acculy but for me 1: Zombie 2: Gungame 3: Minigame
  2. "Listen to the admins at all times" (or how its written) meaning he is breaking the rule if you tell him to move and he doesnt listen!
  3. Olah! Voted Zombie! Just love it, will play it to!:D
  4. ADVIRTISMENT! xD Ty guys:p
  5. Well its time for me to go. I cant tell the reson. cuz ye, will be agianst the rules. But ye, i had a great time in Outbreak, and it have been fun. Keep on the good work guys. If you want me to play with you guys, just invite me and il join if i got the time. Until then so long Outbreak. Lynet Out
  6. Due the fact that im leaving OB, my map will not be updated here. -Locked
  7. Camping the armory while afk, seems legit?.. A slay would have been the option, not ctban for beeing afk.. Unbanned, ask an admin to do it ingame
  8. Runescape YouPorn or RedTube ? LOL
  9. Sure thing, i would love to do obsticles while im dead lol so +1 for this
  10. Its not only the textures, the map is built up like a totaly difrent way. The water isnt water, its solid, the skybox isnt around the whole map, the big door to the outside isnt working, the cannon doesnt work. Unless i have the files, i need to totaly remake the map, and i dont have time for that.
  11. Right the walls worked fine when the map was done compiling, but there was 1 problem, there was like shitload of costum textures and alot of other costum things, so basicly i broke the map. I need those texture files and that other costum stuff, or i cant fix the map, sorry
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