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    reach was the best game out of the entire franchise tbh
  2. lkgddr

    One kiss game

  3. lkgddr

    First Mobile Phone

  4. lkgddr

    Share your clips!

  5. lkgddr

    Share your clips!

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    its shitpost sunday its fine
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  8. lkgddr

    Saving the forums

  9. lkgddr

    apex legends

    basically league of legends fps
  10. lkgddr

    Hello boys And girls

    Haven't been able to play any online games because of my computer at the moment, but I got a new PB of 1:02 on Google Solitaire
  11. lkgddr

    Bring The Hub Back?...

    people only dodged me because they were jealous of my 100% WR tbh
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    Outbreak in 2019

    get member
  13. lkgddr

    Happy New Years!