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    World Cup thread

    argentina more like BADgentina lmaoO0oOOoO0Ooo0oO
  2. lkgddr

    chris lord wins again

  3. lkgddr

    Share your clips!

  4. lkgddr

    OB'S biggest troll?

    I ban my team's champs in draft pick
  5. lkgddr

    Doki Doki Literature Club

    never even played it
  6. lkgddr


    this game is easy havent even played it before
  7. lkgddr

    Rocket League Interest Thread

    I can play
  8. lkgddr

    Weird/Interesting Youtube Channels

    N S F W I have no idea what this channel is.
  9. lkgddr

    ESL Outbreak Winter 06/01/17 - 08/01/17*

    Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/youwhatmate Matchmaking Rank: MGE Player or reserve: Reserve Can you honestly commit to this event: Not entirely sure, that's why I'm a reserve.
  10. I have realized that CTs LOVE to be creative on peanut when commanding. In fact, they are so creative that all rounds on the map seem to be the same thing over and over. Do not worry though, because I have made a flow chart to help Ts know what games are going to come up in the round. I find it baffling how jb_peanut always wins the map vote by a landslide when almost every round on the map is the same thing. I can forgive people who are relatively new to CTing, but there are some people who are very experienced at being a warden but do not want to try anything different. If you are the type of person who goes CT every other map, please be more creative.