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  1. Your opinion is youthat opinion, however as I stated in both my unban requests I didn't use cheats/hacks with anything to do with OB.
  2. I understand some people can't accept me back in, up to you hopefully I can redeem myself!
  3. Hello there lads, some of you long time players out there know who I am ;) ly Rjay and some of you don't give a shit or know who I am so I'll give you a wee description on who I am, yeah? That do? Well, my name is Matthew or ingame Mat. and I am a 16 year old from the lovely (shit) country called Northern Ireland, people think it's Ireland. IT'S NOT. I am back from a 9 month "break" so yeah, hope to see you round :^ Yours - Mat.
  4. Player Name (at time of banning): Mat SteamID: STEAM_0:1:158029262 Ban/Mute/CT-Ban Reason Given: Hacking Server Banned From: Jailbreak Why you believe your ban was unfair/disproportionate: I do not feel my ban was unfair or disproportionate let's just get that out of the way, however I do feel like I've spent my time - 9 months - yes I was hacking at the time but I didn't bring the hacks anywhere near the server - never have never will. Also you can trust me not to hack etc as I am now a Mod and Admin on Last-resistance, if I did anything to jeopardize that I would be instantly banned. I hope you can once and for all look over this incident and give me a second and last chance. Do you have any evidence to support your claim?: Date of incident: 02-28-16 21:00
  5. I know this is not on OB servers but it is still bang out of order and he can't just join other servers and expect to get away with it. EDIT: This is an overall punishment request, not just a gag. I find it funny how he has a Mod app up and he's going around doing this shit.
  6. Player Name: Headhunter SteamID: STEAM_0:0:144256197 Why should he be banned: Racism, he joined Last resistance and was racist though voice and then said 'n i g g a z' in chat and instantly left. Evidence: https://gyazo.com/aedd9ee9431f51c2874e0fa18597380c Date of incident (to the best of your knowledge): 21/07/2016
  7. Matthew

    Mat | Unban Request. (RESOLVED)

    I don't mind tbh, I would just ignore those players and talk to the ones that accept me. I have started fresh on Last-Resistance. But I feel the love for OB is still inside me.
  8. Player Name (at time of banning): Mat SteamID: STEAM_0:1:158029262 Ban/Mute/CT-Ban Reason Given: Hacking Server Banned From: All (I think, at time of banning there was only 1 server - which was jailbreak) Why you believe your ban was unfair/disproportionate: I know this is my second time asking for an unban, this is because the community vibe is amazing, I was banned for hacking, yes I was hacking although not on the server, I was accused of bhop scripting which is true. This I am eternally sorry for, the reason I never told anyone about my VAC bans/Game Bans was because I didn't want to get banned from the server, this is selfish of me but it's the way it happened. I thought I told IrishChamp but apparently I didn't. I would love to be unbanned as it was the community that made me feel welcome to jailbreak, made my days fun and most of all it was great banter! I can't change what I did all I can hope for is a second chance. If I was to get unbaned then I would happily take any punishment, EG a silence. I would love to be back on the community and see all my old friends. Do you have any evidence to support your claim?: No. Date of incident: 02-28-16 21:00
  9. Matthew

    Recoring software help :3

    Fraps or Dxtory m8
  10. Matthew


    Never really talked to you, tbh i didn't even know you had a mic :shock: But anyhow welcome to the forums enjoy your stay :D
  11. Matthew

    Bowie Knife Thoughts

    The knife itself is pretty ugly but if it has the Crimson Web looks 'alright' but the inspect looks bad af.
  12. Matthew

    me intro

    Welcome Break_Down enjoy your stay!
  13. Matthew

    Sweet sweet justice

    It wasn't a VAC ban but gj dick head deserves it