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  1. Will be forever in our hearts Jordan
  2. I apologise if by "group" you're referring to like 3 people, but I've taken it to mean essentially whoever resides in the OG channel
  3. You're just making assumptions, Its like assuming everyone in the channel is a flat earther because one person is. The only thing our "group of people" agree on is that change is needed.
  4. Mintlou's "Group" doesn't want him to be Owner, mostly we're happy to hang out and play random games. You need to understand that we just don't want to watch the community we've been part of for so long go to waste because few people are able to put in the work..
  5. Guess we need to break out from our chains
  6. Deffo look better now, honestly suits you.
  7. I've gotta say, you could have made a complaint about Lewis' constant trolling and it may have stood more ground. This is just a bit sad, I've had Lewis blocked for years, why don't you just do the same. Its difficult for a mod to be taken seriously when so many people have him blocked..
  8. Combat surf is shit because it's just people going in circles until the one guy stood still finally hits them, I'm talking skill surf br0
  9. Biggles

    Is it time?

    Basically, get a server up and don't think about donations or forum integration. Game mode, maps, sourceban and release it
  10. New players won't play it, most people are after one game mode, and having to learn rule for 3 servers can confuse people
  11. Used to be best at age of empires before everyone keened out learning pro strats, so basically nothing.
  12. I would play the shit out of a skill surf server. It's still very popular on CS and being a CS based community you should definitely give something lile this a go. I'm sure plenty of people would be willing to spend time on it getting it populated. (Not specifically surf) Every team needs a home ground to play on!
  13. Got any links to the juice?
  14. Hello everyone, my names Alex & I'm from Wales. Hows everyone doing? Whats been going on recently?
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