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  1. giant_cheesepuff

    OB DayZ

    I'm working on the modded side of the server but I've been very busy at work recently and have been a bit too drained to spend another few hours working out the proccess of modding the server and balancing accordingly. If anyone has any previous experience in modding a DayZ server, help would be greatly appreciated ?
  2. giant_cheesepuff


    That is what we are doing. Hence why we are looking at discord ?
  3. giant_cheesepuff

    New Year's Resolution

    I thought new years resolutions were supposed to be reachable :P
  4. giant_cheesepuff

    Hi again

    oh god
  5. giant_cheesepuff

    [Help] Anyone got Bitcoin?

    Etherium is on the rise and is expected to continue rising but I personally wouldn't invest in it at the moment as it may follow the current drop along with bitcoin. If you are looking to invest in any crypto currency then watch the prices every day for a week or so and then try and grab some when they are on a low so long as the general trend is still on the rise. Once again, You have a very high risk of losing your investment with crypto currencies as they have no physical worth and are therefore reliant on there take-up and "community". Only invest with money that you are willing to lose.
  6. giant_cheesepuff

    [Help] Anyone got Bitcoin?

    You exactly right about the mining. Your very unlikely to make any sort of reasonable profit without investing large amounts of money into something called an asics miner which is a machine dedicated to mining crypto currencies. The difficulty of bitcoin is also far too high currently to make any sort of GPU mining worth it without having 15-20+ GPU's running constantly. If you really want to mine then you will be better mining a smaller currency like Etherium, Lite coin or doge coin as you will be able to mine more coins with a lower initial investment. You will get more money in the long run which you can then invest in bitcoin if you are looking at getting into the current hype as they are currently at a low point in an expected rise. There is a very high risk with investing in any crypto currency however as the price solely rests on demand for the currency. Hence the roughly 1500$ drop in bitcoins over the last month. Invest at your own risk.
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    Away Thread

    On holiday for 2 weeks. #notdead
  8. giant_cheesepuff

    Internet Speed

    Im Jealous AF. All i want is the upload and id be happy.
  9. giant_cheesepuff

    When Nuclear asks to play Wingman with you

  10. giant_cheesepuff

    So i decided to open a case...

    Thank you, It means alot to me. Ive managed to do 0.125 posts every day for the last 5 years.