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  1. Correct from what you can see but what I am saying is that it WOULDN'T have affected the vote. I have seen who voted for what and the vote remained the same even after removing the random/inactive voters.
  2. People who haven't been around in FOREVER voted for both sides. It would not have changed the ending result...
  3. Hi All, I will be shutting down the server in the next few days. Please respond to my post if you have any objections XOXO - Cheese
  4. Hi All, After a "successful" evening of playing The Forest on Friday i have spun up a quick forest dedicated server. The server has 32 slots and is completely standard. Fell free to join and play for as long as you'd like whether that be by yourself or with others. I will look to shut the server down around the end of the month or the beginning of next month but I will make another post prior to doing so just in case anyone has any objections to it being shut down. Server Name: |OB|Outbreak| Forest of Gays Server Password: ob123 If anyone has any suggestions for the server please give me a shout and ill see what I can do. XOXO - Cheesepuff
  5. Very enjoyable night. Thank you for all coming!
  6. Autobhop was added a few days after launch however I’m not sure about timers.
  7. You are correct. We should have updated the community more often with our intentions as currently any updates that have been given have been given in dribs and drabs. These should have been collated into monthly updates. Times change Mintlou. Powers have been modified in retrospect to the communities needs and due to past issues. The community didn't and still doesn't need to be heavily modded as we have regulars who quite frankly can be trusted to moderate themselves. The approval, deletion and moving of peoples posts has always remained Admin+ as far as I'm aware. Kai (Admin) was the first person to respond within a few hours with me following a few days later. There was a single moderator who agreed with you at the time and didn't give any further reasons as so why they agreed. This is not my opinion or comment from just this thread. That is the whole demeanor i have seen from you for the years that i have known you. You do not like to follow rules. you do not like when you are told no. Just because you or I have the ability to control most of what happens in our jobs and are mostly unrestricted doesn't mean that should flow over to every aspect of your life. Your job will still have major boundaries on what you can do or what you can implement. This is the same as Outbreak, Everything comes in steps. I hope you are still around and I hope to see you then.
  8. First of all, I am almost certain that not one of the current admin/mod team has said the below. You are once again twisting words and making up bullshit to try and make your points more valid. The community is not only failing due to just the lack of work being done, the community is failing due to the fact that everyone is not attempting to bring new people into the community also. We have launched Jailbreak, Minigames, Retake and Minecraft servers all over the space of the last year and each and every time the servers have been played for a few weeks then dropped as people did not carry on playing them. We try and find new server that can be used to bring people into the community but time and time again, even after forum votes, these servers are not what people are interested in. This then caused the servers to be left empty and therefore rendered useless. Mintlou, You stepped down because you wanted to immediately gain access to all the powers you possibly could. You wanted to be able to Hide, delete and edit peoples posts on the forums as soon as you were incorporated into the admin team. You also wanted top level Teamspeak rights for every moderator which is simply not needed. You are a stroppy child who cant handle being restricted or ignored and will throw all of his toys out of the pram to get what he wants. You'd make a real good leader. (Multiple responses were sent to the below post, before you say you were ignored on it) "My 9-5 job is server administration/creation and maintenance so I'm used to having all access to everything without restriction, coming home to this every night just isn't worth my time now with the current setup." - My favorite line because its almost as if I'm not in the same job role as you...
  9. Busy few weeks at work so progress slow to non-existent i'm afraid. Ill be working on it before this weekend though. Hopefully a functional server with mods by this weekend (Vanilla server already made and tested).
  10. giant_cheesepuff

    OB DayZ

    I'm working on the modded side of the server but I've been very busy at work recently and have been a bit too drained to spend another few hours working out the proccess of modding the server and balancing accordingly. If anyone has any previous experience in modding a DayZ server, help would be greatly appreciated ?
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