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  1. Is this a draft from a few years back? I'm not sure what your on about with the above as, to the best of my knowledge, you haven't reported anything that is breaking the rules. Quite frankly, to claim negligence from staff is silly because you have not raised anything and I don't see anything here that would class as breaking any rules. I'm sorry you feel this way and I hope your able to move onto greener pastures. You're always welcome to come back whenever.
  2. Teamspeak is back up and running and stable as far as I can see. Suggest any layouts/channels you want as i'm going to start relatively fresh.
  3. Hey! Unfortunately the control panel is still down for maintenance and I do not have a guaranteed time for the service to be back up. I’ll be logging a ticket with the host to get it up ASAP. Thanks weezy and gaffer ?
  4. As you all may be aware, Teamspeak is currently down and unfortunately will not be up until some emergency maintenance has been completed by the hosting company. The control panel that manages the Teamspeak was hacked and the files for the Teamspeak removed and made irrecoverable. We will have a new Teamspeak allocated to us ASAP but this may take some time as all London servers linked to this control panel have been affected. The hosting company has not informed us of any personal information being taken and your MyTeamspeak passwords are not accessible via the server so you do not need to worry about resetting any personal details. Please reset them if you do feel this is necessary however as it will not hurt to do so. I will be posting any updates in this thread as soon as I get them. Message me if you have any questions (steam preferably) P.s. I have now taken ownership of Outbreak as Conor has taken a step back due to personal reasons. I have been meaning to make a formal post but kinda needed to put it somewhere for now.
  5. Correct from what you can see but what I am saying is that it WOULDN'T have affected the vote. I have seen who voted for what and the vote remained the same even after removing the random/inactive voters.
  6. People who haven't been around in FOREVER voted for both sides. It would not have changed the ending result...
  7. Hi All, I will be shutting down the server in the next few days. Please respond to my post if you have any objections ? XOXO - Cheese
  8. Hi All, After a "successful" evening of playing The Forest on Friday i have spun up a quick forest dedicated server. The server has 32 slots and is completely standard. Fell free to join and play for as long as you'd like whether that be by yourself or with others. I will look to shut the server down around the end of the month or the beginning of next month but I will make another post prior to doing so just in case anyone has any objections to it being shut down. Server Name: |OB|Outbreak| Forest of Gays Server Password: ob123 If anyone has any suggestions for the server please give me a shout and ill see what I can do. XOXO - Cheesepuff
  9. Very enjoyable night. Thank you for all coming!
  10. Autobhop was added a few days after launch however I’m not sure about timers.
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