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  1. Hatchinthehat

    is ob dead?

    See in my eye's it's become less about a community that ran a server to more of a group of friends that just play games together.
  2. i have returned just for this masterpiece. y'all done fucked up mate.
  3. I use Sennheiser 429's and i've not got any complaints about them. Switched from a set of corsair vengenace 2000's in september as they were on deaths door and the quality difference is so much better.
  4. Just bought it, and it comes out a day before my birthday so even better ^-^
  5. Or the one where a candidate puked everywhere. the one that creeped me out was the patient's having to crossdress...
  6. Player Name: Hatchgunner Date of Birth: 25/05/1994 Age:21 Country/Location: Sheffield UK SteamID: STEAM_0:0:14294158 Games Played: Wow, BDO, CSGO, Starcraft 2, Witcher 3, Fallout 4 Etc Roughly how long have you been playing our server(s)? a fair amount in the past and now im starting to come on more, been lurking on ts mainly, but i've been playing the server when i get free time. What qualities can you bring to Outbreak? Dank memes, Steel beams, and the occasional joke. plus im always up for a game or two if im online :) and i can produce my ol' spray on request (<------TRIGGER WARNING FOR VETERANS) Tell us a little something about yourself: Well, i was raised in a small village in sheffield, But everything changed when the fire nation attacked..in all seriousness though, My name is David, i'm 21 and i generally just like to relax, read a book and just unwind.. I currently work as an Electrical engineer which means i work away every now and then. I used to play OB quite a lot as a teen and i want to get back into the ol' swing of things, and get talking to new and old faces xD. Is this your first post? No, I lurk and banter frequently. Have you been around for less than a month: No(This includes Teamspeak and forums)? (If you said yes to either of the two questions above, don't apply now)
  7. Just an update, my spare time atm is very tight atm as work have upped my duties, so im not back until thursday. Don't have to worry about the purging but just so its known :) missing you all <3
  8. Solitare is the best card game ever.
  9. It better be me. See im more fond of coco pops or golden nuggets. Welcome to the forums mate, how far north we talking here?
  10. If we find a URAL. Its mine.
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