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  1. Daffy Duck

    Hi Guys

    aren't you the guy who screamed and dropped his trousers in the supermarket aisle?
  2. Daffy Duck

    Classic WoW

    I might give it a go. Keen to live out that nostalgia
  3. Daffy Duck

    Long Time No See

    Hello welcome welcome
  4. Daffy Duck

    Outbreak Community 2017

  5. Daffy Duck

    Unseen appreciation thread

    I love you. Nothing else I can say would quite cover it.
  6. Daffy Duck

    Show your ugly face!

    Got your French passport yet? Give my regards to Napoleon.
  7. Daffy Duck


    Cornflakes and cup of tea
  8. Daffy Duck

    What is the laziest thing you've ever done?

    I frequently steal milk from my housemate's fridge (we have multiple fridges bcos there's a few of us and the fridges are small) because it's closer to the kettle.
  9. Daffy Duck

    Greetings, I'm Roseline

    jesus 31 replies?
  10. Daffy Duck

    General Fitness/Health Thread

    Is this a 'how much can I exaggerate' thread? l0l jk, good effort
  11. Daffy Duck


    HB hombre
  12. Daffy Duck

    Happy Birthday Keiji

    happy birthday ya scallywag, have a good one
  13. Daffy Duck

    Happy Birthday Daffy!

    Thanks, Pep. Currently kicking around Italy with the girlf right now and enjoying the sun. What a day!