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  1. what u mean ? angry ? just relax
  2. if yea like to stream live and play alot more then mta for time join up here on live: https://discord.gg/agGXcqF yes iknow it's not allow att all but i try it xD and join up for a chat xD it's awesome to have someone to speak with when gaming also xD haha Join up speak like crap and join up other games so long times since kast one now :O over 1y ago or so :O
  3. I dont wanna read up all what happend here.. so i just ask has OB gona to discord ? And whats the link or inv link to that ? Thanks
  4. SlayerX


    wow that was the members so just fuck around again yea... dont post every month.. and am asking if there are a server or servers on for this community since was member self on it when JB was on ^^ if u doin't wanna talk about that don't write
  5. SlayerX


    Y yo all i have been away really long time now and have not seen whats happend here xD but just wondring one thing. is there any game servers by OB here ? or will it come new servers in any time ?
  6. Is the Battle Royale server up or what ? whatbis the ip ? did see it was a post about opening but never seen it open or anythibg yet since dont know the ip
  7. fuck here u got me xD 6years ago xD
  8. SlayerX

    Been Gone

    hes just 9month atm he need watch 24/7 when hes awake :) but now i start play again :) mint u will know what i talk about when u get kids ;)
  9. SlayerX

    Been Gone

    thanks alot all :) i was a member all way until sunday xD and Vemix u know who iam haha xD fatherhood is awesomme but hard :P so can't play 24/7 as before :) hope to come online tonight and hope to see moust off yea then :D
  10. SlayerX

    Been Gone

    Hello Everyone :) as many know i have been gone for a really long time and am really sorry for that, but i have told some off you that i have been gone and now it comes why i have dooing that for 9month ago i got a son so now am a father to a little kid :D have been really mutch to do with him and allmoust no playing since then But now i start comming back a little but not as mutch as before, but thats comes 2 :D Hope yea all haveing a Great time in here :D Cya all online :D SlayerX
  11. I like moonshine in my tea :)
  12. SlayerX

    Away Thread

    as some off you know i have benn away and on for a while :P but thats why i have a kid now it's 6month but will come back harder fast now :) hope it'sa ok that am not online 24/7 as before :P i will come back :D
  13. Iam in but i Know i will never win xD that my Luck xD haha
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