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  1. @Lewis I just had a massive paragraph typed out and lost it when you made your new post. Basically I agree that it is definitely something to look forward to in the future, it's just dependent on the reception of other communities (I also didn't just mean JB ones, I just meant community based CS groups). I might have worded something wrong but I don't think I was talking about anyone OB about not fulfilling demands or anything? The only thing I mentioned was other communities possibly not holding up our standards/bans (ie. someone who was permed from OB but actively plays for them and wants to represent them, could make for an awkward/controversial encounter). Otherwise I'd be all for this at some point, though I don't know how reliable a longer term competition would be in comparison to a jumbo event between multiple communities. We could barely run a league within OB, people just don't turn up week in and out for responsibilities behind a screen - it's sad but true. At the very least I would want to do a more confined event first before trying a longer term one, but these are all things to look at perhaps towards summer when people have more time. @VENGA BUS You misunderstand me. My comment about effort being an issue was in regard to the capability to set it up, which was brought into question by your point that 'it would take max 4-5 hours' or along those lines. Obviously setting up a fresh server frequently would still be a haul of effort (while still maintaining long term servers, managing people, having a life and not trying to overload OB with a billion different things to focus on like was attempted with all the different scattered 'projects' when Gaz was owner). On top of the setting up they would have to moderated - you might argue that these would be members and the idea is that it should be above that, but this is OB and that is naive. People already complain that we're apparently too harsh on moderators and that the potential pool is slim. I'm not against the idea completely of bringing in something relatively fresh, but some sort of roster of servers wouldn't work because people change what they would like to play all the time. It would provide another spot of game play for current members/regulars but I don't see it bringing in a wider net of players at all - these temporary servers wouldn't be given half as much attention as core servers so they would be lower quality than other servers of similar type, they would also be gone by the time they would actually bring in 'regulars' therefore not actually expanding the community at all. Temporary servers would only provide a different platform for people who are already part of the community to play on, something which many members are very capable of setting themselves without piling on more work for the staff team when it isn't necessary. I think the reason we're getting conflicted is because I don't think it will end up in us meeting and recruiting many people at all. Those that would be recruited I think would be recruited regardless of the server circumstance, they'd join because of the people - which is achievable by members who are wanting a particular thing during a certain phase anyway. This isn't me saying no to more servers in general, it's me saying that at this time the idea of temporary servers isn't worth the effort - especially when we are yet to even establish a second core server and maintain it for longer than 3 months. @Mintlou I never know which side to argue with you Mintlou, one moment you are criticising staff and saying they don't do enough in certain areas and then the flip side is that we are too harsh. I'm telling you now, as someone who has been part of the staff team during both CSS and CSGO when we actually had an actively filled server, we are far more lenient and you can be a member of staff by doing things beyond 'meeting JB hours' than it ever was before. The only period of time that it was easier to 'hold onto staff' per say, was the period of time when frankly it didn't really matter about being staff because gameserver wise OB was dead and it was just the core lot on TS. I'll admit we do keep an eye on people's hours and if they are lower we'll ask them what's up, but that isn't because we are overtly mad or bothered that they have lower hours but rather we want to establish better communication with them. I'd rather ask if there is a reason and have that conversation than not have that conversation and out of the blue say to them 'yea you've not been doing anything CY@' a few weeks later. Further to that the '7 hours per week' - people seem to think we base that purely on JB, we don't. It's based upon contribution. Moderating, events, meetings, tech projects, graphics projects, video projects etc the list goes on they all contribute to this. You might still argue that we have that minimum requirement, but obviously we expect those who hold a position of power to be putting time into using it and contributing - otherwise the system wouldn't work. Your point also is based on the idea that you need a staff position to contribute, you talk about including everyone and yet we've never said no to people actually putting effort in rather than just talking shit and saying that they would if they had a different colour name and some permissions - the only reason there is an expectation of moderators is to justify the power they then have above others. People who have recently stepped down realised they haven't been able to contribute as much to justify said power, that doesn't mean they aren't able to continue putting stuff into the community (Rory stepped down, was able to create this discussion etc). In regards to 'smaller communities chucking up servers every few months', yes and 90% of them are empty. We might be flawed in our approach but we prefer the idea of having developed servers that have a relatively active player base, we want them to be the best of their kind. Admittedly we need to be more liberal in this regard so we can have a bit more variety, but stretching to chuck so many up in a short space of time won't do any of them any justice. I would be interested to know who these anonymous sources are who have stepped down and claimed no 'background work is going at all', because either they were completely inept during their time as staff, misunderstood things that were going on or have had their words taken out of context. The whole point of this thread was for people to post their suggestions for Outbreak, what they would want to improve the community. It's typical of you to see it as a means of pandering to the group that applies to you though :^) Again I typed this in breaks so some of it might not be worded in the intended manner. My previous point about seeking fresh suggestions in this thread rather making digs still stands though. I am more than interested in what sort of physical ideas (like what Lewis had) people actually have - I don't need the grumbles about what you think is currently wrong, 99% of the time I see these criticisms long before you do and I'd rather quietly work on them over time than make a deal out of them.
  2. To make a general comment - the suggestions/ideas seem good (inc those that are fresh, those that are old and those that are already in motion), but I would argue most of the criticisms that don't provide alternatives are misinformed to a tee. There have been a few threads like this recently that I've been reluctant to post in. A large part of this is because they end up a circle-jerk and people pick apart what you say when you have good intentions of communicating what will, can or won't happen. Another reason is because people pile up the pressure and have expectation, they apply their perspective on it while disregarding all other factors and make demands that they would never fulfill themselves despite what they say they could do. It's also because no matter how many times you revisit the same topic, give a reasonable response and hope people will actually support your efforts rather than scrutinize...let's just say you can never overestimate Outbreak's ability to be obtuse. In reply to a few of the suggestions then: - Different servers based on temporary trends Don't get me wrong, I do agree that we need something fresh soon and I'm not saying no to that at all. I also wouldn't say the 'effort' of setting up a single server to a playable standard is the issue either. However purely setting up random servers temporarily for a few members isn't really helping develop the community, giving a basis for OB to work from and seeking growth. My point here is that I'm all for expanding to other servers/games, but having them last for a short period of time and not be fully developed with more time would be kinda pointless as it would hardly bring in any repeat players (due to lower rushed quality) and those that do would be put out when the server is removed. People who want something temporarily are more than welcome to set up their own thing during fads of amusement, as OB has always done anyway. - Members helping out in different events and expanding these events to different games Although I'm not going to say it's perfect and I know even more can be developed here, anyone who says this isn't being done needs to stop commenting in these sort of threads. Events are expanding to other games (LoL, Hearthstone) and will continue to do so (MC, GM etc) and members have the ability to help run/suggest event ideas. Membership involvement has slowed down a tad recently because we've had a large intake of new staff and we want to prioritise getting staff more experienced in helping run events first. - Competitive Teams / Inter-Community Competitive I do like this idea and it has been something that has been on the back of my mind for a while. It's just been put the back of my mind and the bottom of priority list compared to other stuff that I'd like to see expand and develop (which should have ideally happened already if not for the various issues 2016 hit us with). Only thing though: An Outbreak competitive team (in general) wouldn't really do much. If it was purely to just do the best while representing Outbreak, it'd pretty much be the same people that already play together but just doing it in various leagues with the OB name. This isn't an issue with it as such more that it isn't really anything 'to do', it's just a question of who should go in what teams or whatnot. To the inter-community: I would be interested in this and I do have contacts in other communities, but there are a few problems. For a start it's a different thing entirely to try organise a multi community thing - especially when most other communities don't develop or expect the same level of integration for a core memberbase as us. Another comment to add to that is that the level of CS ability is far lower in other similar communities than it is in OB. Furthering to that, if the organisation was pulled off - other communities don't hold the same standards for dealing with people. Individuals who are banned from OB could be top regulars for another place. I doubt you'd get many people who are known skids from elsewhere in OB, but among all the other communities it wouldn't surprise me at all. You've also got the base thing of, even if it was only in OB, running a league is completely different ball game to a tournament. If you can get people failing to show up games that span 3 days, you are going to be fucked if it spans weeks/months. It's definitely something to look forward to but I think it'd work better: 1. as an individual event rather than long lasting tournament 2. only with communities we could work extremely with and would have balanced judgement to who might not be allowed. At the moment I struggle to see that sort of thing stretching beyond a mini tournament with CLWO. Member Event Priority I disagree with its entire removal. Although it is one of the few perks and we need others, that wouldn't be the main reason. It'd lean more towards what Fluxy said. Events are already incredibly difficult to run with the players of the community who are supposed to be more reliable and recognised, yet alone with those who have no means or contacting and don't have the same sense of liability for turning up. At the same, me and Gunstar have discussed this briefly and we'll consider how to implement it fairly in the future, we want to try make it so some spots are *more available* for reserves. Say for example the priority order would be first come first serve and member/donator priority, but the first 3 regulars signing up and excluded from being removed by said perk. It's something to mull at least, but complete removal of the priority wouldn't work at this time. I've probably missed a few things, whether from actually missing them or feeling like they are kinda irrelevant. The only 'criticism' I will address is Sniffles talking about staff putting 'more effort into OB' and us stopping 'accepting people who just keep the server clean'. I know you tried to re-clarify what you meant afterwards but that entire statement is still bull. If you think we are dense enough to purely take people because they are 'just able to keep the server clean' and if you believe that none of the mods don't do more beyond JB (spoiler alert, they all fucking do more) then you are borderline retarded. The amount of flak and overview people receive nowadays for trying to put something into this community compared to those who just got on with what they were told back in the day is just disgusting imo, but it won't ever stop so what can I do. This post is probably disjointed as fuck and blahs on needlessly. I started writing it before going to eat and finished after. oh ye I almost forgot one more thing, OB's becoming a path of exile community with Eraser at the helm xo
  3. Owner - Sniffles: This top lad knows all about what is up. He has maturity far beyond his years and fits in the key demographic of being a white male from a shit market town in Lincolnshire. He has dabbled in geopolitical views of the 'Lewis Barry' end of the spectrum and has my utmost respect. Head-Admin - Liutvi: His calm, cool and collected nature makes him perfect for balancing the firm, solid decision making that would be made by Sniffles. His cultural background makes him very open minded and therefore patient. He's never been an issue for anyone in the past so I don't see why it would be an issue for him to pull the community's strings. Admin - Chus: This individual has experience in a particular trade which would allow him to be the staff team's new sniffer dog. Put him straight to admin so he doesn't have to double check with higher staff like our current sniffer dog does. - Lupha: His technological knowledge and solid common sense make him the only other logical reason for this key role. He would also fund OB all by himself. SMOD - Mitch: His empathetic capabilities make him perfect for being a mentor to lower staff and members. His strategic mindset would be perfect for setting out goals for the leadership team. - HeadHunter: He has watched more Japanese originated cartoons than anyone else, this allows him to be multicultural, gender fluid and also astute at spotting child predators. He would protect the OB flock better than anyone else from this prime role. - Brandon: Get to why in a moment. Mod - Jamie: So he can serve under the supreme senior moderator Brandon where he belongs. With both inferior CS and moderating ability, he would fit well as the Irish CS God's padawan - perhaps he could make something of himself if he follows in such footsteps. - Lewis: Similar subservient role as Jamie but rather than needing improvement in his CS plays, he needs aid from the one who can control his tendencies the best. Lewis clearly has issues controlling his urges both for counter strike and needlessly aggravating others - Brandon can steer him onto the right path. - Chris Lord: He's not even done his GCSEs yet so he can put a lot of time into the role. - Keiji: Disability quota for that £57 per month paycheck. Note* Will have to take out an initial £20 and a following £6 per month to purchase and maintain his cage. - Rory: Has the persistence and motivation to become a long time serving moderator. - Vemix: Fulfills like 7 different diversity quotas for the £43 monthly paycheck. - Venga: Ex-Owner back as part of the runt. - gaffeR: Ex-Owner back as part of the runt. - Biggles: Ex-Owner back as part of the runt. - Mintlou: Because this is a fantasy team.
  4. Event consists of being invisible and guy called Unseen won. OB is meta??? Ty for the event ladies, was fun xoxo
  5. Not hating as I also played Blade and Soul at one point on Russian VPN, but it's far from new. They took way too long to port it over to EU - if you must play a MMORPG of this style that has been ported to EU/NA then Black Desert would probably serve you better imo. I have a couple of 1 week trial codes for anyone wanting to actually try BDO out (though it is way bigger to download than BnS due to map size and them constantly updating/adding stuff to the game). @Blyss I actually watched that video. I'm not sure what was worse, the game's appearance and 'sugoi' emoticon shit or how much that guy was getting into it...like wtf. @Eraser PATH OF EXILE IS A GAME FOR GYPPOS
  6. Hey B1BS, Gratz, you've been put on a one week trial! We encourage activity on all of our platforms during this time! Message an admin to be invited to the trial group. Good luck, The OB Staff
  7. Just commenting to say: I know you mean well B1BS, but you don't need to make a new post quoting each person to either say thank you for their positive comments or appreciate their critique. I left the one that mostly responded to feedback but didn't want the thread to be spammed in a way that portrayed you negatively even though you meant well, in future after several posts have been made just make one post responding to it all and use the @B1BS function to respond to each of them. That way your post also isn't overly clunky with quotes. Other than that - good luck with your app xo
  8. I have spoken to Lupha now anyway, but as mentioned this list isn't for straight out purging (otherwise we'd do it instantly). It's for letting people know that they need to get touch. In Lupha's case his activity was extremely low for an extended period and he hadn't checked the forum for ages (until this post was made), but now he knows what to do and it's sorted.
  9. For the following people this is your two week warning/notice before you will be purged from membership. If you notice this post then you should come discuss it with me about keeping membership or whatnot, if you don't then you are probably so inactive that it won't matter. As made clear in previous purges, and various posts, membership activity requirements include some activity on at least two platforms and one of those platforms must be the forums (by that we mean checking up on the forums while logged in, members should be aware of Outbreak's updates). ItsInsurgent Neero Nicad Major Chaos Lupha Philip As usual if you are going to be away post here. For some people on the list it's just a matter of very little activity and this is just us pointing out, either way if you come to me before 2 weeks we'll talk about it. The OB Staff
  10. Locking this thread as it's clearly just been a shitfest from the get go anyway. If you genuinely want to setup your 'OB prom paper plate awards' thing then setup your own categories and do your own votes - clearly this is just an aids monkey approach and 90% of the posts are either to make picks at others or to just spam for the sake of it. Just putting it out there though, bit weak to have 5 years celebrated with paper plate awards? xo
  11. I wonder how you did that... hehe xd Seriously though you have got better, though you play significantly better in comps than in gathers...#RhyseConspiracyContinues? Now you can play in OB tournaments without begging to be a reserve