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  1. UnSeen

    is ob dead?

    Just to clarify, no I wasn't offered co-owner/owner - I just didn't care for the title since at the time of asking being 'HA' was the same thing. It'd literally be a title difference, not a job difference. Further to that, at the time that I think you are talking about, it literally wouldn't have mattered if me and Conor swapped owner/HA - since he was doing tech and decisions, I was doing people/events and decisions, we were working well together and so the title roles made little difference to me. However since being owner does mean you get the final say and later down the line there were a few decisions that I think I'd have objected to if they were brought to me (I had been inactive for a brief stint due to irl stuff, and Gunstar had also been inactive for an extensive time at this point) then perhaps a change of leadership would have had an impact - but that's all 'what ifs', and it's pointless to grumble about it at this point. I'd say it's ironic that the big word at the top of the page is so often overlooked. OB is a community - and by that I mean people shouldn't be judging it based off business models for growth and people shouldn't be exclusive/semi-libertarian in behaviour when approaching a community's leadership structure, it should be supportive and inviting (on both sides). Then again this is OB, and half of us can't read
  2. UnSeen

    Who would win in a fight?

    He literally spent a year being held at the balls by the father of a girl he had hardly held hands with, how am I even in the same category? These people thinking I don't keep up to date with the forums and chat complete shit smh Lewis beats Oldmike ez. Lewis is king of baits, would easily send Oldmike the wrong way @Frostie vs @Kai idk how scuffed or not these smods are nowadays
  3. Kai


  4. UnSeen

    What are you listening to right now?

    flashback with this one :eyes:
  5. UnSeen

    Let's talk about Music

    Got a variety of stuff I listen to, but mostly with chill vibe. Some more lyrical but a lot instrumental. Listen to quite a lot of triphop/similar stuff. Lost my old playlist but some of the stuff I have from my all music list: Also got my classics in likes of Crywolf, Blackmill, EDEN. Couldn't pick out set songs so just found some mixes with a bunch of their songs in: Most of that stuff I probably posted in What Am I Listening To Now thread. I had a playlist at some point of variety of genres which was basically stuff I took from that thread, I think largely from @SonyTwan. Not sure if I got this from Sony or just found it going off something he linked tho: I do enjoy house and EDM for more hyped, night out style but music that I listen to on the go-to, in the background while I'm doing other stuff I've always preferred to be more chill - a large chunk of rap couldn't be my go-to for this reason, even though I do listen to it on occasion.
  6. UnSeen


    Figured I'd chip in and have my once in a blue moon post. I use both when I do still come on PC, though often I find myself using Discord as an info hub with general open chat while I use TS for more frequent voice chat and direct conversation. @Chris Lord You might say people get raged at for using text channel, but that doesn't stop it being a means of communicating for when they initially join and are unable/too shy to speak. On top of that, don't underestimate the ability to send links that are only relevant to the group of people in your voice chat. Either you have to make a new group, send individual PMs or put it in an open channel that doesn't really suit the link at hand as it is seen by text chat only viewers on Discord. TS also has features such as priority speaker that make managing events or coordinating groups of people on voice chat a lot easier. @Fxden I'd disagree with that though and flip it. TeamSpeak is better for OB because of not being 'larger', that isn't to demean size or intent to expand but rather that OB has always preferred it's player base to be more tight knit and together. Discord allows for rapid expansion but at the expense of providing ample opportunity to be involved without being integrated. On top of all that, OB is an old dog with a preference to a system it has been using for years - it won't change unless it absolutely has to and even then it will grumble xoxo
  7. Winners: Team 3 / Zelka Reborn - Kai, Eagle, Rachel, Joji, Jesse, Rhyse Each of you will be awarded OB Champ, the ESL OB Summer 2017 Trophy on the forums and possible other prizes (which I am not at liberty to award atm cus idk what they are lel). Runners Up: Team 5 / Village People - Danny, Blyss, Mitch, Nuclear, Gunstar, Vemix (interesting note: 'Team 3' won last time and Team 5' were runners up last time :thinking:) The maps for the final were: Overpass (16-14, ZR win) / Cache (16-2, VP win) / Dust2 (16-8, ZR win). Although I was busy for most of the final, for the bits I watched and the feedback I heard it was a pretty close final so wp to both teams. Group stage in case you didn't see my post in the other thread. Extra player stats, courtesy of big Lew: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/184copnOVqWqOlxljvXBfE0dToVLkwlqn-PTXvaTyQDo As per, thanks to all who participated and wp to all. We saw our first OB tourney 16-0 and some other enjoyable moments, hopefully many were caught on stream and one day will pop up in a highlights video, just like that Spring tourney reel amirite Special thanks to @Lewis for hosting with me as per usual. Also to @Sir_Conor for setting up the server and being there to backup when I had to deal with irl memes yesterday. Thanks to @Oldmike for streaming and @Scrune for filling in for the one game. Some good casting all round from @Mintlou @Jamie @Thunder and even a bit of @Chris Lord too. Admittedly at some point earlier in the year I said about making this larger scale, but I think both time constraints and also the community's investment in CS meant the style we went for this weekend suited far better. Thanks again and hope you enjoyed it xoxo
  8. UnSeen

    ESL Outbreak Summer 2017

    *note the '3-0 and 1-2' was due to T1 & T8 going 15-15 but agreeing to leave it at that since regardless of further result their positions would not change. Conclusion of the group stages sends Grass, Zelka Reborn, -Dogs- and Village People through to semis. Check out Zelka Reborn vs -Dogs- on stream now: https://www.twitch.tv/outbreakcommunity
  9. UnSeen

    ESL Outbreak Summer 2017

    Today's games have begun. Check out stream: https://www.twitch.tv/outbreakcommunity xoxo
  10. UnSeen

    ESL Outbreak Summer 2017

    Some close games and some..uh..not so close games today bois n grills One last match in the group stage tomorrow night, even if you are out it can decide the positioning of the team you are against and maybe save some dignity - so still give it a good go. Reminder for tomorrow: Saturday 29th Group Stage Round 3 (BO1) - 6.30PM / 18.30 BST Group A - Team 1 vs Team 8 - Popflash - Team 3 vs Team 4 - Popflash Group B - Team 2 vs Team 7 - Popflash - Team 5 vs Team 6 - Streamed on OB Server Semi-Finals (BO1) - 8.00PM / 20.00 BST* Semi-Final 1 - Winner Group A vs Runner Up Group B Semi-Final 2 - Winner Group B vs Runner up Group A We hope to have the few settings that weren't right fixed on the stream server. If you have any constructive feedback, by all means give it - otherwise gl all for rest of the games. xoxo
  11. UnSeen

    ESL Outbreak Summer 2017

    Last couple of notices before games tonight: - Due to not realising work times, Jgreg has been replaced (at least for today) by @Simi #juandeag - Fxden no longer is replacing Skillershark since Skillershark is here. If there is anyone who isn't playing who is at all interested in casting any time this weekend, let me know. GL to all teams xoxo
  12. UnSeen

    ESL Outbreak Summer 2017

    @Scrune I mean, if you really want to then you can - though if it'll cause you any lag or anything I wouldn't say it's worth. We're trying to make our main stream decent and have viewers too. I understand people's point about 'oh just stream everything' but then we'd have to drag out the tournament far longer (which considering how many subs we're needing already is a megaLUL) and also we're struggling to get casters for the single stream as it is. As I say though, up to you - just don't think it's necessary @Thunder @Extinct ツ @Kai @Lewis @DannyS @Jamie @Sovman @Fluxy Tagging you guys as you are captains or (in Fluxy's case) the person I think will be best suited for managing this: I need each team to have its own steam group so your team group will show up at the top of scoreboard. Will just make it look better, particularly for team's on stream.
  13. UnSeen

    ESL Outbreak Summer 2017

    Well, just to note - people leaving it so late on (aka today) to let us know they can't make it will kinda be stuck with the 'whatever we can get' reserves. I mean our emergency reserves are literally @Vemix and myself lel. Reminder to everyone that we have our first game's tonight! Friday 28th Group Stage Round 1 (BO1) - 6.30PM / 18.30 BST Group A - Team 1 vs Team 3 - Popflash - Team 4 vs Team 8 - Popflash Group B - Team 2 vs Team 5 - OB Server + Streamed - Team 6 vs Team 7 - Popflash Group Stage Round 2 (BO1) - 8.00PM / 20.00 BST* Group A - Team 1 vs Team 4 - Popflash - Team 3 vs Team 8 - OB Server + Streamed Group B - Team 2 vs Team 6 - Popflash - Team 5 vs Team 7 - Popflash Please ensure you are on and in your TS channel at least 10 minutes before any of your matches xoxo
  14. UnSeen

    ESL Outbreak Summer 2017

    More subs - @Fxden will replace @Skillershark on the Friday (for 1/2 games isn't confirmed yet) - @w33zy will replace @Eraser on the Saturday and possibly Sunday. I know the Weezy replacement might be questionable since there's a good chance he's better despite not playing as much CS, but I wasn't really left with many choices apart from players who are significantly lower skilled. Although I don't want to make the team op, it wouldn't be fair to make their 3rd pick that much worse and completely nerf their team before the tournament has even begun. If a better suited option becomes available then we'll see what can be done. Once again - still looking for casters to keep oldmike company on stream :^)