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  1. wh no admin anymore blyat?

  2. Just a few from Killigrew. Only listened to his stuff recently but it has that Blackmill-esque vibe, chill asf
  3. Hey Many of you are aware of it already but this is the public post to make it official. After taking a long time to come to this decision, I have decided to step down from Head-Admin and being part of staff. It took so long to finally decide as for a while I felt that I couldn't step down in a sense, but I feel like the timing is right and I didn't want to continue in a role which I was struggling to find the will to work in. There are a multitude of reasons for it being now and people can feel free to message me if they want to talk further, but I'd rather talk about my time as staff rather than focusing on the leaving. Outbreak has put countless obstacles, challenges and environments in my path for me to deal with and given me a depth of experience that not many people can say they've taken from an online role. From running events to dealing with people on a more personal level, I have been able to grasp an understanding of people from so many different backgrounds. Unlike back when I was moderator on CSS, there was a level of emotion to it this time that I never had before and I can only say I'm grateful for being able to work on this community in that way. It might just be an online gaming community but it means a lot to me. Outbreak became something that putting time into was more valuable to me than a lot of things which other people might have thought should have taken priority, but I'm glad that it did. One of my few regrets is that during my time we weren't able to establish expansion on a server level for a prolonged period of time. We grew as a core community and, in my opinion, became far more unified than we were before I entered the position but it appears the task of further game server expansion is on the shoulders of those who I will leave. I'd like to thank everyone who has ever put or will put voluntary work into this community, as staff or otherwise. I will still be around as a member (though busy due to exams for the near future) and if I ever decide to return to staff I'll work my way up, the way any ex staff member should. My only request is that as a community we try show our appreciation for those who put effort in a bit more. I'm aware many of you do appreciate people's efforts and you do mean well, but showing that bit of acknowledgement and perhaps turning the whining or picking into doing or constructing would go a long way towards progressing this community further. For anyone who is confused: Kwaheri means Goodbye in Swahili. Thank you Outbreak Mathew
  4. Better ADR basically just showing that I can't finish my dinner, fml.
  5. Winners: Team 3 / Team Tree - Nick, Sovman, lkgddr, Cereal & Wurdy You will each be invited to OB Champ and awarded the OB ESL Spring 2017 Trophy on the forums. Runners Up: Team 5 / The Vengays - Extinct, Veng3nce, Joji, Designated Retard, Quake The Finals Bracket. Results in the final consisted of 16-5 on Nuke and 16-8 on Mirage. Group Stage results should anyone have missed them. Thanks to all who took part and a special thanks to @Lewis for giving up the time to help me run it. Hope to run a larger scale production summer tournament which will include stream and more hype.
  6. You're all fucking shitters who I have to purposely play bad against to stroke your egos. Godseen and Godrune, all I have to say. Seriously though, perhaps Sovman and Nick are a tad strong a combo. Perhaps our 'tiers' (which bear in mind were just thrown to provide a basis for the team randomiser, not to be 100% exact) weren't the most accurate and people could have been moved up and down. However, did it seriously impact the ability to create a competitive tournament? Not really. Can you say that any number of opinions would be able to predict how consistently people perform in a tournament? Not really. Perhaps we could have reached out to more people, but truthfully even then there would still be arguments and accusations of it being unfair. It's not like we are 100% clueless as some of you made out, maybe not as active as ideal but not completely out of the loop. The people we were unsure on we took a moment to think about and see how they did in different games, otherwise it was just our opinions. We didn't 'pick captains' or '8 strongest players', we just did it so the numbers would pull out certain people to chuck onto teams and have it roughly fair, which it was since each team had 2 stronger players and 3 others. Even the team that had the combo of Stiqqy and Absolute (arguably the weakest duo to be put together out of all the strong end duos) were able to only lose 14-16, 14-16 and 11-16. They were never really stomped and they lost more because lower end players (ie. myself, pasickle) under-performed. We were able to provide roughly fair teams, try put some different people together and put it into a competitive format. That's all we ever wanted to provide and anyone expecting much better is deluded. My only real disappointment is the way people handled themselves before, during and after exiting the tournament. I wish more people could maintain a competitive edge while still having the same attitude as Wurdy & Scrune have mentioned - unfortunately it seems I'll never see OB be a place for that. All the same, I hope for a good BO3 tonight.
  7. Considering how sore and petty OB's losers can be (as we've already seen), I'm not sure that's the best idea
  8. I think next tournament I might just stick to being a host without the player part Well the group stages ended like this: Which pitted T5 vs T8 and T2 vs T3 in the semi finals. These two matches gave us the following close results and consequently the final matchup for tonight: So congratz to both teams now in the final. Reminder that the final will be at 6PM BST tonight and it will be a BO3, people should turn up at least 10 minutes before their match. Good luck to both teams.
  9. Fixed, had just put the one of the results as if it was for a different game - mb. The 16-6, 6-16 thing doesn't matter so much since the colour of the square should reflect who's won, but I fixed it as well since it's what I've done for the other results. At least it was just the colour table put in wrong, I had the actual results right in my head lul
  10. Reminder for tonight's games: ♦ Saturday 8th April 6PM BST - Team 2 vs Team 8 - Team 4 vs Team 7 - Team 1 vs Team 6 - Team 3 vs Team 5 7PM BST - Semifinal 1 (BO1): Winner Group A vs Runner Up Group B - Semifinal 2 (BO1): Winner Group B vs Runner Up Group A I understand there is one match that is somewhat inconsequential but, in response to the 3 people poking me last night, no you cannot forfeit it. You sign up to see the tournament through and you play it out as part of that commitment and out of courtesy even if you can no longer win. There's a chance that one person might want to play and by signing up you were guaranteed 3 games at least, so you will play them. At the end of the day it just means you can have fun with that game as there is none of that 'OB edgy tournament pressure' that we seem to create for ourselves despite it basically being gathers (don't get me wrong, it's not a bad thing - but still). This doesn't mean to say I will tolerate just team killing or flat out trolling, but I see no problem in maybe pulling silly strats or however else you wish to play it. The results as they stand at the moment:
  11. Reminder in case any of you somehow forgot :^) First sets of games are tonight! These are the matches below (full timetable found on first page): ♦ Friday 7th April 6PM BST - Team 2 vs Team 4 - Team 7 vs Team 8 7PM BST - Team 2 vs Team 7 - Team 4 vs Team 8 9PM BST - Team 1 vs Team 3 - Team 5 vs Team 6 10PM BST - Team 1 vs Team 5 - Team 3 vs Team 6 I expect teams to be ready and in their TS channel at least 10 minutes before when their match is supposed to start. No teams have actually come together to decide a team name it seems, so let me know if that changes some time before the first match or you're stuck with 'Team x'. Good luck everyone. Let's try to enjoy some OB CS rather than QQ too much
  12. Hey Olfie After discussion we have decided that you will remain banned. Despite it being possible that you have improved on your attitude since you ban, that doesn't take away the number of chances you were given in your time here nor your behaviour while in our community. When we give permanent bans we give them with good reason and realistically they shouldn't ever be undone because they should have been given when we've reached the point where we won't allow that person back into OB any longer. I do truly hope you have improved and wish you the best in finding another community to be part of as a more grown up individual. Sorry to disappoint, The OB Staff
  13. Tbh Mike, I completely agree. Bitching out of a commitment you signed up to due to petty feelings constitutes as being a pussy imo. Being cocky about it on a public event page though, that constitutes being a twat.
  14. People saying it's gone wrong when tournament not even started yet People were saying similar comments and chatting shit before last tournament, which was realistically the most fair tournament we've had to date People QQ'ing about mine and Lewis' knowledge of people's ability as if we've never played CS, we're completely clueless and we haven't done this before I'm not saying the teams are gonna be perfect, they can never can be perfect realistically as someone has to win and you just do the best you can to provide a mixed bag of teams with different people to previous tournaments to make it as competitive as possible. I'm also not saying me and Lewis are the best team pickers or most knowledgeable compared to some others, but to act as if we're completely clueless and inept because our choices would have differed to yours and whine as if you would be the almighty event saviour is just pathetic imo. Strogglok quit not because of the ability of players, but because he personally has a problem with them. I personally find it petty but he's made that choice and will face the punishments for it. Also on paper my team is probably the weakest, but don't see any of the godseen's team qq'ing also nt Danny it's past 12, you can't pull that wool over my eyes xoxo