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    Sad reality

    Good times. Nice to see so many of yous still sticking around, especially the newbies who have stuck around and become oldies. OB has always been strongest on the community side of things, bringing people from both ends of the spectrum together and the fact you guys are still here just proves that point more. Although the jailbreak days were arguably the best, events, mixes, tournaments and just TS convos are probably what I miss the most. It's over yeah, but it's better to be a "turd in some overgrown grass" than a turd washed away in the sewage right?
  2. Gunstar

    OB NERD test

    14 - don't qualify for number 3 .
  3. Gunstar

    ESL Outbreak Winter 2017


    Name: Gunstar Steam Profile Link : http://steamcommunity.com/id/Gunstar7 Matchmaking Rank: MGE Player/Reserve: Player. Commitment Availability: Yes
  4. Didn't really want to make a thread here but I don't really see myself being able to be around anymore to properly say goodbyes, also forgot to make a thread in the admin section and couldn't make the meeting due to work. So I finally decided to step down today after being an admin for over 2.5 years - (grats to Conor for still going on) . The main reason being it's not really fair to stay as an admin when I am not even around anymore and on top of that, I simply don't have the time and just busy with life really. Anyway, I guess, if anything, the "behind the scenes" meme describes me the most as I was stuck as a admin 95% of my time here - over half my posts are probably in the admin section. Although I wish I could spend more time on OB just as a regular member, I had no reason to step down until now. It was fun making the LR activated sound like the queen, working my way up from blue to yellow and spending months "behind the scene" on the new landing page among other things. Non-admin stuff like meetups, gathers and taking part in league/csgo tournaments and popping people's heads off was fun too. I hope we get to do that more in the future @admins please. Also a shoutout to my best mate in OB, Conor, for still keeping OB stable and dealing with all the shit - working closely with him have taught me a lot of things. I probably wont be around anymore, at least like I used to be, due to my uni work placement - but I am definitely not jumping ship. See you in the next tournament. Game of Thrones Spoiler - Kinda
  5. goodnight sweet prince

  6. You decided to make a forum post :) The music bot provided some moments of enjoyment, thanks for that. I know I used it a lot. Well welcome to outbreak (officially), hope you settle in well. For those who don't know him, he has helped us out with server stuff before such as the Markers on JB and the TS music bot which he paid for himself.
  7. Gunstar

    CTF Event - 17/9/2017


    Sign me up if space otherwise on reserves, looks promising.
  8. Man United around when they had this team with AIG as their sponsor and before they were champions so not a glory hunter: Don't really watch football anymore, especially after Ronaldo left man Utd. Wasn't that interesting anymore. Except that Man Utd 8 - 2 Arsenal game, that was hilarious. Also shoutout to the Galactic Football plebs lmao.
  9. As a fan of McGregor and fighting, let's do some actual analysis on this. Gonna try and keep it friendly for those who are not aware of what this is, who they are etc. What's Happening? "The biggest fight in combat sports history" UFC Lightweight Champion (and former dual champion of the featherweight class) Conor "The Notorious" Mcgregor (MMA Fighter) vs The Boxing's all time best, 49-0 undefeated, Floyd "Money" Mayweather (World Champion Boxer) Betting Odds (as of time of the post): How to watch: If you are in the UK £19.95 to watch it on TV or stream it online. I will also be setting up a team speak Channel like last Mcgregor fight if you wanna discuss the rounds again. Betting Odds / Favourite: McGregor: 10/3 Mayweather: 2/9 (Favourite by a big margin) Not a hard prediction however, more accurately, it's Best boxer ever fighting a MMA Fighter at boxing. MMA has elements of boxing. (Conor is undefeated standing up). Clearly from the stats and from the type of sports, Mayweather is the favourite hands down. You are delusional if you think otherwise. BUT, people are counting Mcgregor out just because he hasn't boxed before. He stills has a chance even if it's very little due to the unpredictability he will bring. 1. Mcgregor has never boxed before, so it will be hard to analyse how he will actually fight. - However, Mayweather has been doing this his whole life, he's seen it all and done it all in terms of what is possible in boxing and combination of punches. It will still be hard to catch him out. 2. Mcgregor has a greater height and reach advantage, although it shouln't be a problem for mayweather, it DOES even if not that much help in a sport like this. 3. Age difference and Cardio - Mayweather is 40 compared to Mcgregor being 28, where Mayweather is considered to be past his peak physical conditions. Many people take this the wrong way, Mayweather may be 40 but he has the experience, he is still fit. In fact, Mcgregor had to take special Cardio training to be ready for the longer 12 round fight which has more breaks but is shorter in length compared to what hes used to at UFC. 4. 8 ounce Gloves - They are using lighter gloves than usual for the weight class. It was supposed to be 10 ounch gloves, however they both agreed to use lighter gloves. This means there is a great chance of a knockout. Mcgregor have been kicked in the head, he knows what a shinbone feels on his cheekbones. Although it will be extremely hard to even touch mayweather, if he gets hit by that left hook it could be all over. Then again, Mcgregor has never fought against a boxer like mayweather, expect him to get hit a LOT when mayweather does decide to be offensive. Finally, I think it will be a great fight either way. Especially because you are seeing: - a MMA fighter box against a a Boxer in a boxing ring. (You dont even wanan think about how it would go down for a boxer against Mayweather in the octagon ) - Two of the most famous combat sports stars in their own field. To conclude, as it should be very obvious now, Mayweather is the favourite. The fight will end with Mcgregor being knocked out or decision win for Mayweather, everyone says "not surprised" and gets on with their day while the two take millions of dollars home in the bag. BUT, say Mcgregor takes that 1 in a 5 chance to win and defeats mayweather (it's not impossible), that will mean mayweathers record will be ruined to 49-1 after 21 years and Mcgregor will be in the news all over the media as the man to defeat THE man. This is why it's so interesting and worth watching, if it does happen, trust me, you don't wanna wake up to that news and be like "Fuck I shoulda watched that fight". See you at around 4 am BST on the Sunday morning.
  10. Finished that game. One of the most satisfying single player games. You start as a small fish and eat other fish until u get bigger and avoid getting eaten by bigger fish.
  11. Wouldn't be so sure. Targaryens used to marry direct brothers and sisters to keep their bloodline pure (Jon is not even fully targaryen + not Dany's brother). In fact, Daenerys is product of incest from the Mad King Aerys II Targaryen and his sister Rhaella Targaryen. However, generations of such heavy inbreeding increasingly produced insanity in some of them like how Aerys went Mad and wanted to "burn them all". This usually happens when you grow older and some say Viserys (Dany's brother) started to show signs of instability. Also, it's GOT, anything can happen ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Also, to anyone who hasn't watched the leaked episode, you might get spoiled here so I wouldn't scroll down until youve watched it.
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