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Hello everyone, not sure how many of you will remember me because i was gone for almost 3 years but im back and alive barely

i cant wait to find out what has changed while i have been away and i cant wait to get back on the csgo servers

im sorry for leaving you all unanounced and trust me when i say it wasnt my choice, i would love to have a chat with those who want to chat, if anyone wants to know the reason for me leaving feel free to ask me but i wont put it here as i dont want people thinking im trying to grab attention, i just wanted to let everyone that remembers me know that im back and im alive

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we a ts community now


step 1: Join teamspeak using the IP
step 2: Find a channel that you think looks inviting and not scary at all
step 3a: If you are asked 'in or out' with no context, answer with out
step 3b: If you are told to 'get out' it's actually the channels way of telling you to stay and NOT leave
step 4: Join in with the memes and most importantly, have fun!


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21 hours ago, FlutterByeBullet said:

i cant wait to get back on the csgo servers


br ded server

Haven't met you ever i dont think (since i'm a 2016fag) hope to speak with you someday

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Welcome back, looks like you left the community just as I was joining. 

I gave your posts a quick stalk and I would recommend getting reintegrated before making a member app this time. Also I found this Admin Complaint @UnSeen very entertaining but also literal cancer to my eyes. 

Hope you stick around, I'll have a talk with you once I'm back on my PC.

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