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  1. Hello everyone, not sure how many of you will remember me because i was gone for almost 3 years but im back and alive barely i cant wait to find out what has changed while i have been away and i cant wait to get back on the csgo servers im sorry for leaving you all unanounced and trust me when i say it wasnt my choice, i would love to have a chat with those who want to chat, if anyone wants to know the reason for me leaving feel free to ask me but i wont put it here as i dont want people thinking im trying to grab attention, i just wanted to let everyone that remembers me know that im back and im alive
  2. XD im on the server almost everyday...my name up untill the time of this post was AlphintoMorisaki XD and i did come on and say hi also i didnt let anyone know i would be offline cause i didnt realise that my member would be removed if i didnt join the server sorry bout that EDIT: If some people feel like i should wait a few weeks before applying for member i would be happy to wait
  3. Player Name:FlutterNeko-Chan Date of Birth:28/03/97 Age:18 Country/Location: USA/ LA (moved from England....the reason for my member being removed) SteamID:STEAM_0:0:89693042 Games Played: Minecraft- i have played this for about 6 years now i started in 2009 with the alpha version demo. League Of Legends- i have played this alot i recently created a new account so im now level 12 on that account- my old account was level 28- i have played league of legends for just over a year now. Tera- OMG BEST GAME EVER!!!! XD im joking but i really do like this mmo-it’s far more interesting than most others that i play(i wont name them all)-i have played tera for about 3 years now. Counter Strike:Global Offensive - XD im kinda new to this- my account is Gold Nova 1 at the moment-586 hrs on record Hazard Ops- i really like the game because it is both a 3rd person shooter and a first person shooter- its insanely fun-39 hrs on record And a hell of a lot more games... Roughly how long have you been playing our server(s)?I have been on the CS:GO JAILBREAK SERVER for about 6 months What qualities can you bring to Outbreak?:i am a friendly player who tries his hardest to get along with everyone on the server, i also stream the game sometimes so i can help eliminate any free killers,offencive people or trollers. i have had previous experience being in staff positions via other game servers on games such as minecraft and garry’s mod(i resigned from these positions because of different reasons-if you would like to know why i resigned please feel free to message me anytime and i will try to reply as quick as possible) Tell us a little something about yourself:i am terrible at soccer/football, i love japanese culture, i am whats classed as a otaku but i sometimes do weeaboo-ish things, i have real bad luck but when i am lucky i get luck that is too good to be true(such as i spent £2000 on a brand new pc and it broke within the first week, then 2 days later i won a £3010 custom built pc from a gaming giveaway XD dat luck tho), i was bullied for 13 years during school(my whole time through school)so i know what its like to be isolated….im now trying to make some friends. ^_^ ....my favorite color is light pink I have been member on the server before but it was removed due to inactiveness because of me moving house( i moved from Nottingham/England to LA/USA)....i really hope to become member again as i loved being a part of the community.
  4. Admin Name: Unseen SteamID: STEAM_0:1:29160837 What did he do: Muted me without valid reason (explained in more detail below) Evidence: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... =530804787 Date of incident: Tuesday 6 October PLEASE READ Ok so first i want to say that i respect Unseen, he is a great admin and i kinda look up to him. Now i have no big issuse with Unseen nor do i have any personal vendettas against him, but i could not let this incident go unseen...hehe XD see what i did there...ok no more jokes. Now i have never seen or heard of Unseen banning or muting someone because he didnt like them or they were annoying only him. This is why i am going to tell you the events leading up to Unseen muting me, they went as follows: I joined the server and played a whole round, towards the end of the round i played about the first 4-5 seconds of a song (i was testing my HLDJ to see if it worked)through my mic, i then got muted instantly for 30 min by Unseen. Unseen then removed the ban about 4 seconds later, i was confused as i was sure that i was supposed to recive a warning before i get a mute and instead got insta muted so i asked Unseen why i was muted, his reply was " The fact that i removed the mute counts as a warning"....does it?, i accepted this but i was still confused. So 2 rounds had come and gone and nothing else had happened, i then recived a important phone call during the middle of a round causing me to go afk, when i came back i saw that i had been killed by That British Guy to which i said in voice chat " guys i was afk so thanks for killing me British guy", now some people saw this as me being sarcastic but i was genuinally thanking him for killing me because i had to go afk so sudden, anyway about 3 seconds after i said this Unseen muted me for 10 min, Unseen then typed "You are annoying me"...how did i annoy Unseen?. Now as i have said above i have never seen Unseen do this to anyone so it took me by surprise. Now i want to say that by making this post im am not aiming to get Unseen demoted or anything like that, Instead i am aiming for Unseen and other Admins or Mods to think about weither the reason they are going to mute or ban someone is a valid reason. As a Admin or a Mod you have been trusted by the owner of the server with special permissions, but with those permissions you are also given the responsibility of ensuring that everyone on the server is happy and that the server is running smoothly, it is also you job and responsibility to enforce the rules of the server where ever and when ever they are being broken. Now i am sure you not need to be told this and i am not trying to tell anyone how to do their job my only aim by having you read this is to remind all the Admins and Mods of the responsibility they hold. I know this personally as i have been Admin and Mod on many different servers on many different games, so i know how hard it is to be a Admin or a Mod but i also know that under no circumstance are you allowed to ban or mute someone just because you are having a bad day and decide that they are annoying you. Thanks for reading this and i hope that this post does not stop me from being accepted into the community, i hope to be able to get along with everyone so i dont want what i said here to affect that so please if anyone has any problems feel free to talk to me about them, I will be happy to listen. THX Flutter
  5. Ok to shed some light on the ban situation.....The 4k I got was on mirage from CT spawn side of A site, across A site to T spawn connector...It was pure luck and unluckiness that I got that 4k. The 4 year old squeaker that jumped in front of my shot was the third person I killed with the other kills being team members in apps on inferno who were low HP...I threw a grenade in apps and they got hurt too... Steam went down......My steam went down....It logged me out mid game then I got kicked...When I signed back in and re-launched cs:go it was too late to re-connect to the match. CS:GO crashed....CS:GO crashed on my pc...And it took over 5 min for me to get back into the game as I had to restart my pc. Got kicked for not speaking Russian.....Yes it was the 5 time that day that I had been kicked from a match. Valve thought I need 2 weeks......I am not sure if I was banned by overwatch for greifing....I'll have to check but all I know is that after my first week finished the timer reset to 1 week and I had to wait again. Hurt a team member with grenade.....Do you know what its like to be in silver and rush a site with a Negev?..Its a huge clusterfuck.....Long story short yes I did a lot of team damage in one round when we rushed b site XD then next round I hurt a team member with a grenade. My ex-friend ran past me to get a knife kill.....I did not hurt any other team member's that game as far as I am aware....I do have the match downloaded and would be willing to do a full recording of the match to prove this fact if anyone was to request that I do so. May I say that this post gave the final things that happened before I was banned and not the only things I was banned for so if my list says...."4 year old squeaker jumps in front of my shot" this means that this was the final thing that got me banned not the only thing I did during the game to get banned....Sorry for any confusion caused. Now onto the second matter....Gun condition.....I would like to say that I don't know what is going on and that I am aware that guns are not supposed to change quality but I have seen other wise.....So either some one is changing them to troll me or it is a glitch with my inventory...I will look further into why they keep changing in my inventory....But rest assured I am not "spreading bullshit" as most people have accused me of doing and this is truly what is happening... Thank you for reading this and I hope it clears things up for those of you who are confused.....*cough* *cough Jamie *cough......XD No hard feelings Jamie XD...Its just a joke don't take it to heart
  6. Ok so there is a game on steam known as Hazard ops. Hazard ops is a third person shooter game with multiple gamemodes and its free to play. Now the reason that i am writing this post is because not a lot of people play it(and by not alot of people i mean...no-one in my friends list). Guys this game is amazing so if you get the chance you should try it out....you may like it. The reason most people don't like it is because they say it's a "pay to win game".....they couldn't be more wrong, i have not put a single penny/cent into the game and i have only ever lost 4 games...sure you can use real money to buy cash in-game to then buy different guns...but the game also has a in-game currency which allows you to buy different guns too....each gun in the game may have different stats but at the end of the day its not about what gun you have....its about how good you can use it. Take me for instance I play the team-deathmatch gamemode alot and my loadout that i use consists of these guns: * SCAR-L(starter weapon) no attachments- total of 27 kills with it. * AWP (weapon bought with in-game currency) no attachments- total of 793 kills with it. * M1911 (weapon given out to the top 3 players during a event that i was a part of ages ago) no attachments- total of 3 kills with it. Of all the guns listed above i use the AWP the most....now the AWP is not the most powerful gun in he game... there are much more powerful guns in the game that you can buy using real money ...but i am yet to die while holding my AWP....meaning that the game in not a pay to win game....of that was the case then i would have died many time while sniping people in "sniper-battles" (cross map sniper vs sniper gun fight). Please try out this game and i promise you that you will enjoy it....and i have a little challenge for you guys.....if you do start playing Hazard ops and you ever me me during a deathmatch game...try to kill me while i have my AWP in my hands.....who will be the first to kill me? Hint: You have a better chance of killing me in a "sniper-battle" as the AWP doesn't do full damage across map(it still one hit kills sometimes but you stand a better chance of surviving).
  7. 1. Once you have been banned for 5+times if you even do damage to a team member you get banned.....it really sucks. 2. Guns do change condition because i have had many guns change condition the more i use them over time.....for example: my old M4A4 |Griffin was minimal wear when i un-boxed it...2 weeks later it was field tested.....if your saying they don't change condition then someone has hacked my account and is changing my items...i don't know why they would though.....they don't gain anything from it. 3. GRAMMAR NAZI INCOMING!!! You mean " Also guns don't change condition when they are in your inventory. You need a capital letter because you started a new sentence after placing a full stop . You need a Apostrophe because that is the correct way to spell don't. You don't need to put a ? after the word inventory because you were not asking a question you were stating a fact. Sorry i don't mean to be picky XD
  8. no it bounced off the logs in banana and exploded as he was walking past it
  9. ...yeah......i tend to write down what i got banned for so that way if it was me idk ....shooting someone i will remember not to do it again...i have a poor memory
  10. ok So as many of you may know i have been comp banned 15 times for a period of one week.... im going to tell you guys how i keep getting banned and then i will tell you a thing that i did recently.... so im not the type of guy to purposely kill his team in a comp game or leave ....but this is the record of my week bans starting from week 1... Week 1 - CS:GO crashed Week 2 - Shot a annoying team greifer x3 Week 3 - Loading trouble Week 4 - Accidentally got a 4k AWP collateral (1 terrorist and 3 counter-terrorist....team ran in way as i shot) Week 5 - Internet failed Week 6 - Steam went down Week 7 - CS:GO crashed Week 8 - Internet failed Week 9 - Annoying 4 year old squeaker jumps in front of my shot Week 10 - Got kicked by team for not speaking Russian.....got week ban Week 11 - Valve thought i needed 2 weeks in stead of one Week 12 - CS:GO crashed Week 13 - PC crashed while recording a video....had to format my PC Week 14 - Hurt a team member for 21hp with grenade down banana (i threw a grenade down banana and team ran down banana) Week 15 - My ex-friend ran past me to get a knife kill while i was in gun fight as you can see......XD i get screwed a lot now for the funny thing that has happened to me: So i have a *StatTrak CZ75Auto | Hexane and with me being banned a lot i have been playing quite a bit of casual...now in casual the only pistol i use is my CZ75 so over the time i have had my CZ75 Auto it has had many conditions 1. Minimal Wear 2. Field Tested 3. Well Worn 4. Field Tested......wait...how did it get back to Field Tested? so is as realize that my CZ has grown in quality i notice the StatTrak counter.....666 KILLS..... i then notice that a trade timer has appeared on the weapon, it is set for: September 22nd at 08:00 am ...... the exact time and date that one of my pets has been found dead each year(for the past 3 years)..... this made me laugh and it also made me a bit scared too so i don't know if all this creepy-pasta stuff is real but from now on....im not saying Bloody Mary into my mirror anymore (something i do to creep my sister out cause she hates that creepy pasta) I want to know what you guys think of this ....is it a sign? or is it just CS:GO logic and coincidence i don't know but if anyone has any questions please don't be afraid to ask me.... screenshot of it in my invo for those of you that don't believe me EDIT: "the exact time and date that one of my pets has been found dead each year(for the past 3 years)" by this i mean that each year i have gone downstairs in my house and found one of my pets dead...i also usually wake up about 6:30 and go downstairs around 8:00 each day so yeah thats the time thing sorted out.....Btw yes this year one of my hamsters was dead in the cage...it had a good 3 years so....(it survived 2 years of the "badluck")...tbh im not really sad about the death because i was kinda expecting it so....sorry just thought i should update the post........also i would like to add...iwhile read all the comments i noticed that no-one comments about the 4k collateral i got.....XD come one guys even tho it was a accident....im silver 4 and i got a 4k collateral....that a achievement
  11. i have a few knifes i like the look of...but if im honest....i dont play for knives...i dont care if i have a knife or not.... my favorite looking knifes are: 1. Huntsman | Crimson Web 2. Huntsman | Night 3. Huntsman | Vanilla 4. Butterfly | Night
  12. gg thx for allowing me to join you guys in the event and sorry team i was a bad king at the end XD but....GG other team
  13. neither did i but thats not gonna stop me im just gonna eat 3 table spoons of sugar before we start to keep me aware of my surroundings
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