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  1. Thanks for hosting the tournament Kai, Mintlou and Conor, especially Kai for keeping it together on the Friday evening. Always nice to see the community coming together and still showing that there are plenty of people still knocking around. There are always disagreements and complaints with tournaments, especially regarding replacement players but I think it's a good idea to remember that this is all for fun in the end, obviously that doesn't mean you shouldn't be competitive but consider the pool of players available and the fact that it is practically impossible to replace somebody with another person who is of the same skill. Aside from that, thanks for the tournament and apologies to my teammates for continually lagging through all of our games, truly it is rather frustrating but it was still enjoyable to play, even if we did get knocked out last night after such a close game.
  2. I know I was joking :). And very nice, it was a good sneak attack, though I will say that I really would have killed you if I wasn't sitting on 400+ ping at the time :D. But nice either way :).
  3. Include average ping field please.
  4. Substick

    ESL Outbreak Winter 2017


    Name: Substick Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197992545277 Matchmaking Rank: DMG Player/Reserve: Player Commitment Availability: Kai pushed me into playing and knows my commitment issues already, hopefully there will be none though.
  5. Actually that game used to be one of the games I played in my childhood :D. Never used to do very well since I didn't understand it but much I loved the idea of the game so much that I still play the newest versions that come out :). Admittedly I still need to play the most recent one more since I haven't really had time to properly invest time into it. Used to play this loads when I was younger :). (Pretty sure I just broke the forums with that)
  6. Just want to say I'm so sorry for delaying the games so much tonight, thank you, Conor, Lemon Haze and my team for waiting and being so accepting when I returned. I truly do appreciate allowing me to play and waiting for me after I caused such a wait. Aside from that, thank you to Conor (and anybody else who helped) for organising the tournament and streaming everything, the work you put into getting this together is truly what allows us all to have fun and enjoy the game together. Thank you to the casters as well who commentated, allowing us all to enjoy watching the games. I always think it is nice to look back on something like this and rewatch such a memory :). Thank you also to all the players for making this happen and as always, thank you to my team for playing. Also commiserations to Lemon Haze but we'll played in the final :), always better to have a close final than a quick 2-0 stomp. Lastly, screw you riot for changing Urgot. #NotUrgod
  7. I will be available from around lunch time hopefully until around 5:30ish.
  8. I may end up being slightly later on the Friday evening (probably no more than 15 minutes). Travelling back from Edinburgh during rush hour so may get caught up. Will log on as soon as I get in though. Apologies for the inconvenience, may end up being fine but just to make sure. Happy to be replaced now if this would be a problem but unfortunately it's out of my hands :(. I am available for all of the other times / games.
  9. Figure I needed to post something just to say thank you for all you've done. You are definitely one of the most respectable people I've ever known and you are extremely helpful and friendly to everybody and anybody. You were a pleasure to room with at the meet up last year and I hope you do return to Outbreak, I think you have seriously had a massively possitive effect on the community as a whole and I think you will be remembered for years to come :). Thanks for everything bro, best of luck with your exams :). And for last effect...YOU DIDN'T SEE THAT COMING!!!!!!
  10. Sign me up.
  11. We're all dropping like flies :D. Good luck with your future endeavours and I hope you continue to do well in your chosen career :). You were part of the staff team for a long time and were always actively involved in the community which is great :). Best of luck :).
  12. Arena is a piece of crap anyway :D
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