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    Pot Noodle

    For me it was always the limited edition ones i enjoyed, like the yung jamie flavour. Had a Brandon flavour but it was far too salty.
  3. As nick said, him and i bought the game. I had a lot of fun the first few missions, even on the easiest difficulty things were getting a little bit hairy at times. But the lack of diversity in missions is a serious problem for replayability, you end up doing the same kind of thing over and over. Game looks great, waves and waves of the undead coming towards you really gets you on edge and the fact you can take sneaky approach or guns blazing approach appealed to me. Yes it is like a version of l4d2 (even the opening scene of the games first mission is literally a carbon copy, maybe a homage), but i feel WWZ tried to be too many games at once. There are traits of l4d, the division, and killing floor thrown in there but it's all the negative or repetitive elements. If you're looking for a new zombie wave killing game and haven't tried killing floor 2 please for the love of jesus give it a try the game is stressful as fuck, tons of people playing it and gives you those moments when the rest of your team is dead to clutch with all eyes watching. With WWZ when your team is dead, you are fucked, you cannot kite the zombies or sprint round the map, you just get nibbled. The game is fairly bug ridden too, Nick and i were playing and i got accidentally locked out of an area that we needed to progress, what ensued was waiting for 10 minutes for me to die. For a game that charges 31 pounds i want to get 31 hours out of it atleast, but i'm not sure i will unless there is a complete overhaul. Nevertheless i will probably play a few more hours of the game on higher difficulties just for the challenge. tl;dr > buy killing floor 2
  4. New Tycho, what else do you fucking need
  5. Used to be a massive shithead. Still a massive shithead but we've gotten used to him. +1
  6. To me it's pretty pointless bringing out servers or changing who is in charge of OB at the minute. There needs to be a shift in what we are all playing. I'm all for ideas but any server you bring out now will more than likely be dead in a week lets be honest. We need to bide our time and wait for a new landmark game or game engine, like the next g-mod or CS, something that everyone will be pulled to. The only game i see at the minute that most people in OB are going to be pulled to is when Halo is launched on Steam, we can wait and see if dedicated servers pop up for it and make sure we are among the first to establish a decent community. In the meantime don't waste your time bitches.
  7. Rest in peace brother Also remember this shit on tv lmaaoooo
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    When dat head suffers the dehydration
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    Bought this game ages ago but it seems pretty competitive, would be good with a squad of people who didnt know what they were doing this is the only video you need to watch for intruder
  10. Also i know a lot of you nibbas dont play league but this animation is pretty nuts
  11. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Small-trailer/254103085023?hash=item3b29b95fdf:g:sV8AAOSwoylcLVFJ:rk:10:pf:0 Pretty interesting trailer that i'm keeping my eye on. Has a door with a padlock on it so i can transport all my dead hookers round in it.
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