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  1. No Good

    Show Your Ride!

    Yes I am afraid of the dark
  2. No Good

    Been Gone

    Seen you on the server, you seem like a nice guy. We hope that you will enjoy your time here at Outbreak community. - OB Staff
  3. No Good

    Moz's Member Application (DECLINED)

    The people above me has stated it quite well. You need to increase the activity on forums, even if you might be checking them regulary we want to see people contributing on the forums with good quality posts. The TS activity I can not say much about but after reading the post about you being a troll coming in channels and making noises, I'd be happy to give you this tip. Think of TS like your own house. Every channel is representing a room. Imagine if you sit in your room (mix room 1) and you have some friends over, having fun and playing all these different games. Suddenly someone slams your door open and starts making weird noises...basically that's what you did. You should also try and not be such a troll on JB as you've been the last few days / weeks. Tone it down, be respectfull, helpfull and I'm sure you will get your membership one day. Criticism is always hard to take, but now you atleast know what you need to improve on. Not everyone does. Good luck
  4. No Good

    Most BS ban you've ever had online?

    10minute ban for telling gaffeR to "fuck off"
  5. No Good

    Papa smurf ban request (RESOLVED)

    Hello Olé. He is now permanetly banned as I came on the server and saw him using the bhop scripts. Thank you for helping us keeping the server clean! -OB Staff
  6. No Good

    Show your ugly face!

    Tired of all you handsome people. Here's a Swede for you. Yes the pixels are bad, trust me, it's on purpose EDIT: Still no idea where I placed that beanie.
  7. No Good

    Ya boi Saban

    And now I know why I never read intros anymore, they've all become about Rachel.
  8. No Good

    Thorben/Gumzter introduction

    Welcome back Gumzter !
  9. No Good

    OLÉ Intro

    You caught me off guard when you spoke down mic and said you were Puss...like no..Puss is a squeeker, you will now be known as Olé/Olly. Great when CSS players joins back. WELCOME BACK
  10. No Good

    Just Wondering. Tea.

    Rather have a cup of coffee, but if I drink tea (rarely) it's with no sugar
  11. No Good

    j3g - introduction

    If you turn out to be as aids as Absolute then you should not call yourself a Swede. I've been trying hard for so many years to bring the Swedes reputition up within this cvommunity. Absolute destroyed it in 2 hours. Please help me bring the hope back for all Swedes.
  12. No Good

    Would you rather thread

    Wash my hair only once a year (barely have any) Would you rather loose your right arm and left leg or loose your left arm and right leg?
  13. No Good

    Introduction Nutty

    Welcome to the forums. You've been around for quite some time and I'm sure most of the regulars/members know who you are Happy to see you've changed your mind about making an forum account. Enjoy your stay.
  14. No Good

    hs machine is still alive boys

    "HS Machine" - Starts off with a none HS NICE CLICK BAIT SCRUB