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  1. Player Name (at time of banning):i forgot SteamID:http://steamcommunity.com/id/Sabanzera/ Ban/Mute/CT-Ban Reason Given: Racist Server Banned From: jailbreak Why you believe your ban was unfair/disproportionate: Bro I don't really deserve the ban, it was harmless. I dont think it deserves a solid 2day ban (please dont let me play in ENW or CLWO), realistically i was just saying goodbye "my friends" though I understand how people can't take a joke but soz xoxox. I also have a black friend called Tyronne. Im not racist I love black people. Please forgive me xoxoxoxoxo. I hope you can, I cant live without my jailbreak and come on I was in da server even when it has 2players look at my hours at the past week ffs. xoxoxoxoxoxo love Yung Saban, 21SabaN, i cant think of anymore xoxoxoxo Do you have any evidence to support your claim?: A pic of me and friend when i was young Date of incident: 27/4/17
  2. Literally the best pen. Theyre light on ya hand
  3. Thanks for the support guys <3 I truly appreciate your support!!!!
  4. Hey I'm Saban I'm 16 and from Northern Ireland. I really like this server because of Rachel, don't tell her this but my secret is I have a crush on her... Rachel has a sexy voice that makes me remember rainbows and pots of gold. Everything about Rachel is perfect, from her amazing moderator skills to her funny banter she uses from time to time. Rachel sounds like she's hot and I hope to bring her to my next formal. PS I hope she doesn't see this ??? and I like to play cs I'm LEM and C+ on esea Edit : Also i forgot to say SEND NUDES <3
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