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  1. woah, jheez. How did i not care about the community?
  2. I guess i could be classed as an oldie :0 Been a few years lads.
  3. sooooooooooooooooooooooo... halp? not like you had to read it pal
  4. i dont have any anti virus :P idk what that is...
  5. last year i bought the game SUPERHOT on steam as i used to play the free version and enjoyed it a lot so thought it would be fun, anyway when i downloaded it and tried to play it would just crash and i couldnt find any crash fixes online so i refunded it. I just bought it again and still having the same crash issue and was wondering if anyone knew of anything that may help?? https://imgur.com/a/2WoYZ there is a pop up as the game crashes naming each file and telling me to send to the game dev and this is inside the newest one. Thanks :D.
  6. Wurdy

    Game nicknames

    when i first got steam i decided to google 'funny steam profiles' to give me an idea and then i clicked images at which point i saw my avatar and seeing as its woody but somewhat retarded i came up with Wurdy XD
  7. Damned is a pretty good game if you play with a small group of friends and theres a few in OB that play it now.
  8. why not, this should be a challenge for you ;)
  9. was legit about to say this... XDXDXDXDXDXDXD
  10. great guy, i play with him every day ;) he's pretty chill and i dont know anyone who doesn't get along with him. Good Ts activity but maybe improve forums activity during trial?? Gl babe xoxo
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