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  1. Bertinho

    What are you listening to right now?

    barely listen to his stuff but I like laid back songs and this is hella laid back
  2. Bertinho

    Pokemon go

    ahhh i tried changing countries not setting up a brand new account hahaha, ill make a new gmail account now for it, thanks :) Edit: still tried a new account this time and not an option of None for me only, Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Discover
  3. Bertinho

    Pokemon go

    I don't have the choice to not set up a card :(
  4. Bertinho

    Pokemon go

    Made a Canadian account a while back for clash royale and trying to switch it to an American one but its declining my card, any ideas why?? And did you guys have to put a card on the account when you set it up ??
  5. Bertinho

    Bertinho ( MrBertCo )

    Hahaha thanks everyone, not enough +1s to +1 everyone, sad times
  6. Bertinho

    Bertinho ( MrBertCo )

    Lincolnshire bro ;)
  7. Bertinho

    Which artists have you seen live?

    A couple of months ago I went to see catfish and the bottlemen live, hands down the greatest band I've seen and give them a listen if you've not heard of them! Great band
  8. Bertinho

    Bertinho ( MrBertCo )

    So seeing as though its been 3.5 years i think i need to reintroduce myself, i don't know many of you anymore ( NoGood Unseen rhyse and Pasickle Strogglok ) because when i was last playing it was counter strike source yanno, im 17 + 18 soon(ish) i dont swim anymore hahaha so we can clear that up from last time, i live in the North East of England and im a casual lifeguard starting my 2nd year of A levels soon ( unseen asked me to add more ) will be nice get to know some more of you as its been ages and if theres anymore of you back from css then let me know, cheers
  9. Bertinho

    MrBertCo's intro :D

    haha thank you so much guys :D
  10. Bertinho

    MrBertCo's intro :D

    Haha thanks guys and yeah Daffy 15 in 5 days xD
  11. Bertinho

    MrBertCo's intro :D

    Hi Guys im MrBertCo (MBC) and from the Uk. I have been around quite a while now so hopefully most people know me. I started playing around when ameme and Unseen did as i know them in real life. I swim almost every night and play the violin so this restricts me from playing games all of the time. However i hope too see you guys around :D . I'm in my first year of GCSE's and they are going OK :D im 14 at the minute and 15 on the 14th of April :D cant wait.