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  1. Thanks to Gunstar for creating this amazing video!
  2. Outbreak Rocket League Summer Tournament 2017 Signup General Information The most likely dates for the tournament will be on the 7th and 8th of July (subject to change depending on player availability). I'm going to see what dates everyone is available on so that we can have as many people play as possible. Rocket League will probably be the tournament with the least amount of players so it's pretty important to get as many people involved as I can. In terms of how the tournament will actually be run will depend on the amount of players that sign up. My plan is as follows: 10 or Less Players = Solo 10-18 Players = Doubles 18+ Players = Triples The format of the games will also depend on how many players are involved in the tournament. The idea of games I had for each format is (colour coded): 2 Groups of Round Robin where the top 2/4 players (depending on numbers and time) from each group qualify. Highest seed of Group 1 plays lowest seed of Group 2 and so on. 1 Group of Round Robin where the top 4 teams qualify for the semi finals. 1st plays 4th. 2nd plays 3rd. 2 Groups of Round Robin where the top 2 teams for each group qualify. Highest seed of Group 1 plays lowest seed of Group 2 and so on. 1 Group of Round Robin where the top 4 teams qualify for the semi finals. 1st plays 4th and 2nd plays 3rd. Rules There aren't really any rules to Rocket League so turn up to play and don't rage quit games are pretty much it. Signup Below Extra Note I won't be able to stream any of this tournament due to being on 2mb internet connection while the tournament is running. If anyone would like to steam their POV or stream matches that would be a nice addition. Please feel free to purchase rocket league and play in this tournament after a couple of hours play time. There is not going to be a skill requirement for this tournament but it would be nice if you at least got an hour or two of playtime before the tournament so you know the basics. Rocket League is currently £8.99 in the steam sale: http://store.steampowered.com/app/252950/Rocket_League/
  3. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I am proud to announce the official Grand opening of our latest CSGO Server..... I've been working on this server for quite a while now and though there were a few delays, it's now finally at a stage where I want to get the opinions from the Community, improve everything else through Community play-testing and get feedback. This also let's all you lovely guys and gals provide any suggestions you have. Its all about MG: The server, at least at the start, is primarily going to be full of Multigames Maps (My idea is to add single game mode maps later with a lower map time so it does not bore people) At the start I'll be avoiding course maps as from OB's past experience it didn't go too well with our Community (Though open to changes later on down the line) Store will have some additional items for players and donators alike (I'd like to add more models however we currently don't have anyone that can do them) Credits Re-work - Minigames will be the trialled with some changes to the credits system. There are going to be two separate changes which I hope makes it a more enjoyable system. The amount of credits you earn is increasing to 20 credits for every 4 minutes (Which works out to be a x5 increase per minute) Price of most items will be increased by roughly double Auto Bhop will be enabled, I've had some play testing with some of the admin team so we'll see how it plays out. A Statistics System much like surf (RIP surf) and I'm currently looking at getting a Web Interface for it. I'll be doing a Grand Opening event on Friday 12th of May where players can show who is the true MG Masters. Sign up here if you want to get involved in the opening event. Also Congratulations to those who have understood some of my MG Music hints and the pixelated MG Map images. After the opening event which should start at 6pm and last till around 7:30-8pm, the server will go down for about 5-10 minutes to record Stats for the event, after which the Server will then be open to everyone! Hope to see you all in our new server soon. Sir_Conor x
  4. Outbreak Donation System As many of you will know, we swapped to a different donation system a short while back to allow us to more effectively work perks into the mix, keep better track of what's going on and overall have better control of how we want to implement new features. These changes meant the way purchases for perks were made were changed significantly, however there was only a brief explanation and little package choice when this was first introduced. We have now added a few more packages, put up a couple of other features and sorted out the appropriate perks and prices. This post will go over the contents of our various packages as well as explain some of the other features available on our donation page. ● JB 1 Month Package The standard package for the Jailbreak server. You will unlock all of the following features for 1 month; all available items in the Jailbreak store (apart from VIP exclusive ware), reserved slot for the server, donator group on the forums, donator TS icon and OB event priority. You will also get an invitation to and permanent membership of the OB donator steam group to recognise your contribution to our community. The 1 month package costs £5.99. ● JB 3 Month Package This package is an extension of the previous package but will also give you a bonus free 7 days on top of the paid 3 month time period. You will unlock all of the same features as the 1 month package for 3 months at a price of £15.99. ● VIP Package This is the biggest package available on our store. As well as unlocking all of the perks mentioned in the 1 month package on a permanent basis, the VIP package will also earn you exclusive items such as pets, name colours and player models. A personal server connect message and custom in-game tag will be available to you. You will be invited to the VIP steam group, be added to the VIP group on the forums and given a custom TS icon of your choice. VIPs will get first access to anything we are testing out and will gain perks on any server we have at one time. VIP costs £50. ● JB Reserve Slot As we had in the past, we have re-added a popular option to just purchase a reserve slot. Once our server is back in top shape and we hit peak times, it is often in high demand making it very hard to join at times. You can get past this by having a reserve slot which costs £1 per month. Unlike the other packages, reserve slot purchases can be stacked if you wish to buy a reserved slot for an extended period of time in one go. ● Outbreak Tip Jar Outbreak needs its donations to keep the community running. Sometimes people want to donate and show their appreciation but aren't particularly fussed about the perks and they don't want to be restricted to a price. This is there for anyone who is feeling generous and wants to help out by dropping any amount they want (minimum £1) into the jar. ● Christmas Raffle Our new system allows us to set up raffles on the page. Between now and Christmas you can enter for a chance of unlocking the 3 month package at a much cheaper price. It costs £1 per entry and you can enter up to 5 times. We hope to be able to use this feature for special occasions and perhaps more frequently with better prizes eventually if they turn out to be popular. ● OB Advent Calendar As of tomorrow for the next 24 days of Christmas advent there will be prizes gifted randomly to individuals through our calendar. The prizes will consist of a chance to win credits, reserved slots or a slim chance of other packages on some days. To have a chance of winning something from this advent calendar all you need to do is head over to our store page and sign up by signing in through steam on it. You need to log in each day to be entered for a chance to win that days advent prize! You don't need to purchase any packages or anything like that, once you sign in you'll be a recognised user and therefore be in a chance of getting a prize over the next 24 days. Hopefully this clarifies our package system and starts to open up a few new features to test over the coming month. If you have any questions then make sure to contact an admin+ for any information or use the support ticket system if you have any queries. To access the donation page either use this link or click the donate tab at the top of the forum page. The OB Staff
  5. Follow me for regular status updates and interesting tidbits, not just about OutBreak (OB) but also about other topics. You will not regret it.
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