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Found 2 results

  1. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I am proud to announce the official Grand opening of our latest CSGO Server..... I've been working on this server for quite a while now and though there were a few delays, it's now finally at a stage where I want to get the opinions from the Community, improve everything else through Community play-testing and get feedback. This also let's all you lovely guys and gals provide any suggestions you have. Its all about MG: The server, at least at the start, is primarily going to be full of Multigames Maps (My idea is to add single game mode maps later with a lower map time so it does not bore people) At the start I'll be avoiding course maps as from OB's past experience it didn't go too well with our Community (Though open to changes later on down the line) Store will have some additional items for players and donators alike (I'd like to add more models however we currently don't have anyone that can do them) Credits Re-work - Minigames will be the trialled with some changes to the credits system. There are going to be two separate changes which I hope makes it a more enjoyable system. The amount of credits you earn is increasing to 20 credits for every 4 minutes (Which works out to be a x5 increase per minute) Price of most items will be increased by roughly double Auto Bhop will be enabled, I've had some play testing with some of the admin team so we'll see how it plays out. A Statistics System much like surf (RIP surf) and I'm currently looking at getting a Web Interface for it. I'll be doing a Grand Opening event on Friday 12th of May where players can show who is the true MG Masters. Sign up here if you want to get involved in the opening event. Also Congratulations to those who have understood some of my MG Music hints and the pixelated MG Map images. After the opening event which should start at 6pm and last till around 7:30-8pm, the server will go down for about 5-10 minutes to record Stats for the event, after which the Server will then be open to everyone! Hope to see you all in our new server soon. Sir_Conor x
  2. until
    DATE: 12th May 2017 TIME: 18:00 (BST) LOCATION: Minigames Server Time to can show me who are the true MG Masters. Sign up list: Cereal Desi Gingerpopper w33zy Absolute Nuclear Oldmike Danny Futurebounds Bibs YoungGerald nick iZac Cheese Quake rhyse joji Twist Wurdy Vemix Gaffer Eraser Pasickle Chris Reserve list: Fxden Chus Blyss ------------------------------ Tammashay Revan Bliin speedy Captain jama ArtaKia
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