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  1. Tiny


    How'd you do this season man?
  2. http://gtaforums.com/topic/860017-next-dlc-speculation-thread/page-1353#entry1069248550 A list of the new cars coming in the update. Including but not limited to; A skyline ripoff A turreted amphibious vehicle A traffic destroying truck with a scoop on the front A dune buggy that can flip other cars A car with a rocket engine A jamesbondesque car with homing launchers, machine guns, jump capabilities and parachutes Tons of other stuff. If people are still interested and play the game, but struggle for money, my little discord group use this guy; https://www.playerauctions.com/offer/myofferlist/?username=tofrus He'll drop you 50m for $5 over paypal and it's safe as long as you don't bank it. ^^ (Refer me, just tell him TinyTerror sent you <3)
  3. Tiny


    Aw i came on hoping to see you all actively playing FeelsBadMan
  4. Tiny


    If I threw bus sized hooks at people I'd probably hit them alot too kappa123 blizz fucking fix that fucking hitbox
  5. Tiny


    Queue with 2 - 3 of your friends, or duo queue. Solo queue is completely luck based on whether you get shitty "hanzo only" team mates or actual decent players. :D
  6. Tiny


    Grats on ur placements lads. I placed 3072 (tank main but I played Rein pretty much every game unless they ran an aggressive comp with genji, in which case I swapped out to Winston) and am sat at 3110 right now. Hopefully will hit masters soon!
  7. Tiny


    Imo - D.VA feels fantastic now, the defense matrix might actually be broken with how well it can absorb ults. She's better than winston. Zenyatta is now much more openly competitive, he'll be used more often for sure, really great balance work done by them. Ana is.. pretty balanced. Her abilities are cool, and they definitely need to do something about multiple speed buffs stacking. (diminishing returns would work nicely.) She's just too squishy, no mobility, no real form of escape. She'll be good and hopefully played competitively, she might be outdone by other heros tho. McCree is back, and actually feels like they intended him to be (mid - long range brawler). Mercy damage buff was so unnecessary, need to watch out for discord + damage buff wombo combo because it'll fucking melt you. Other changes were all fine with me. Gz Blizz, actually like the first moba ever to release a non-op new character in your game. Gj with balancing. <3
  8. Every one I've played so far has been awesome. Nice job man.
  9. Happy to partner with new players, over 40 hours under my belt so.. *cough* I'm not exactly new.
  10. If you have multiple HDD's, check to see that the one GTA is installed on is working. Ik it sounds obvious but I've made that mistake. I'll do one with you!
  11. Tiny


    Guess we watched different tournaments then! McCree hasn't been nerfed but according to a blizz tease hopefully he will be soon. To clarify, I don't think Widow is OP, I do think she needs a slight change to her fire rate. Either way, awesome game. I hope new skins are out soon, I'm sat on 1k current itching to spend it, resisting until they release new stuff :x
  12. I'm pretty hot shit with Windows Movie Maker
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