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  1. Your firstborn is gonna have zika u fuckin rat
  2. R1SK MEMBER APPLICATION Player Name: r1sk Date of Birth: 20/08/2000 Age: 19 Country/Location: United Kingdom SteamID: STEAM_0:0:79245824 Games Played: WoW, CS, DBD, GTA, Red Dead, and a bunch of others I usually come back to from time to time. Roughly how long have you been playing our server(s)?: What servers lmao? Jk, I can't remember, I know it was either early 2015 or 2014, so it's been a good while. What qualities can you bring to Outbreak?: I keep the staff on their toes by testing them, especially Conor, but it's all light-hearted fun. I like to socialise with a few members in OB, obviously not all of them because not all of our interests are aligned, but I would like to become a Member. I would say I am friendly, laidback and chilled compared to when I first started Jailbreak. I can be a bit of a cunt at times when I get carried away but I can get along with anyone if they appear friendly to me also. I don't take things seriously, I don't rage when people freekill/make mistakes as 90% of the time they don't know the rules, I'm up to try anything and I have a great sense of humor. Tell us a little something about yourself: I'm 19, and make a living online. I'm extremely active on the TeamSpeak and was very active on Jailbreak before it died. Apart from that there's not much to it really, just a bit of a cunt really aren't I? Anyone who knows me will vouch. Is this your first post? No. Have you been around for less than 2 weeks (this includes Teamspeak and forums)? No (If you said yes to either of the two questions above, don't apply now) fuck off cogath
  3. R1sk

    OB Retake

    No harm in having one but at the same time no need for one so I don't care either way.
  4. hb bum bud. we can be outcasts together 4 eva
  5. Future is a very sociable person and is easily approachable. Decent guy, down to play anything and is active on all platforms. I think he would make a good member.
  6. Hello, I'm R1sk, (previously known as Liam Domino) I'm 16 and live in Aberdeen but was born in Lancashire. I was first introduced to Outbreak in September 2015 and I have been playing on and off since then. I was a Member but lost it due to inactivity as I decided to play other games and didn't keep active during that period. When I built my PC after I first got into PC Gaming around November 2014, one of my first games was CS:GO and it was the only game I had until I bought ArmA III. I used to be a part of an Altis Life RP community (where I got the name Liam Domino) and managed to become a Superintendent (until I quit) which I played straight from February until September 2015 and racked up 1,700 hours overall. After a while I decided to quit and return to CS:GO to pick up where I left off and soon after I found Outbreak through the Jailbreak server. I have been playing games since I can remember and played console until I built my PC, one of my first memories was watching my cousin play GTA San Andreas on mute while I was making the sound effects. My first console was a PS2 and I used to play Crash Bandicoot for hours on end unless I was told otherwise. Recently, I have a lot of free time on my hands as I moved to Aberdeen in June and applied to a college, but there was an error with the application as they forgot about it or some shit and because they only en-roll once per year, I have to wait until this September to be back in Education. When I get into college, I plan to study Computer Science and possibly Graphic Design. I have an interest in Editing (even though I don't edit and am not good at it) and Music, I don't really have a particular genre I like, I just listen to what I enjoy. That's it really, I apologise if it's been all over the place but couldn't really think of any other way to structure it to be honest. I frequent the TeamSpeak, I am on Jailbreak every now and then and I have just started coming back on the Forums. I look forward to speaking to you all. -R1sk
  7. Lol, you weren't saying that when you were using my Smurf 24/7. #Cancerous
  8. Sorry drake didnt knew u where ard enough to smoke. I will back down next time #CiggyBadLads Ikr, Sorry mate. I'll fuck off before you get the Ciggy Bad Lad Squad on us ;)
  9. Welcome to Outbreak mate. When I come back on the TeamSpeak i'll look forward to speaking to you.
  10. Hey Jasper, as Unicorn said, I would say welcome but you've been here longer than me so I suppose it would be a welcome back. Look forward to seeing you around :)
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