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  1. Rumple Forskin

    Fyfey Intro

    hey fyfey i think i have seen you on the server and you seem friendly. Anyway welcome to the forum and enjoy your stay
  2. Rumple Forskin

    Hello Rumple?!?!?!

    another lie
  3. Rumple Forskin

    Hello Rumple?!?!?!

    yeah i can edit photos too
  4. Rumple Forskin

    Hello Rumple?!?!?!

    i wish i was as cool as you and could Photoshop things too
  5. Rumple Forskin

    Clickerz R34 Intro

    hey dude seen you on the server a lot and your a friendly guy. Welcome to the forum and enjoy your stay :)
  6. Rumple Forskin

    It's me... Mamba.

    Its about time you came to the forum , Swear you have played the server for ages. Anyway welcome to the forums and enjoy your stay :)
  7. Rumple Forskin

    Mason - Introduction

    hey dude seen you on the server alot and on teamspeak and you seem friendly. Welcome to the forum and enjoy your stay :)
  8. Rumple Forskin

    Bertinho ( MrBertCo )

    welcome back bro . I wasn't here when you first joined but i hope we get along
  9. Rumple Forskin

    Basic mapping help needed

    Fairly sure Weasel Level Design is not 3kiliksphillip , therefor he can learn more in detail
  10. Rumple Forskin

    Basic mapping help needed

    if your new to mapping i would suggest watching this series , It might help if you dont know all of it
  11. Rumple Forskin

    Toby. Member App (ACCEPTED)

    Ew it happened. Just ban him. Also No1zombie , realy ? your one of them. Jokes +1 from me as he is active on 2 platfroms and is a friendly guy. Always down for a laugh . Shame you sound 12 <3 all the best with your app
  12. Rumple Forskin

    HeadHunter Member App (ACCEPTED)

    +1 friendly guy and has a stupid ass laugh . Dont listen to the people who talk about your mistakes from like 3 months ago. Pretty sure you where member before and it was fine. I don't see why you shouldn't be allowed Just dont mess up like last time if you do get it, all the best with your app
  13. Rumple Forskin

    Climb Server

    It Would be nice , but i dont think this will happen due to the fact a surf server just came. Also it is not a needed server as game as such are on jailbreak and 3 servers would cost alot to maintain and run . I dont thin Conor wants to deal with that. This could be a possibility in the future as i recon alot of people would be in favor of it , but at the end of the day its down to the owner
  14. Rumple Forskin

    The results page of Hunt The Props Event!

    1 point , oh dam , well played thanks for the event. Was a laugh
  15. People cant take a loss these days