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TS lagging

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This thread will be a log of all the times I, or other experince team speak lag, so there is a record, so people can stop saying they dont know about ?


thank you. 

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+1, good member app. Has a lot of time on ct, good commander though his mic is a bit static-y at times! His gun toss is crazy too hahahahahagagagahahahahshahahahehaha. Gl and see you on the server ?

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From the Host:

I restarted team speak on the box please see how that goes.

Kind Regards,
Robert Pearson
Senior Network Technician

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14-12-2018 November 00:29  EU TIME

also sometimes im lagging in ts but its only on teamspeak.

server still sometimes lag and we hop on backup ts.


this server is bonkers

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