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  1. Venga, fluxy I know :/ the ban wasn't do to with hacking I assure you I accidentally forgot to close CheatEngine which I used for borderlands to get money, before going on c:ss, it must've picked up that it was open and Boom, vacbanned, I've tried talking to steam support about it but haven't got any luck Trust me I'm more than pissed that my 7+ year account got banned for a mistake, i've had a lot of shit and banter from it trust me Oh well accidents happen, there isn't any use complaining about it, I have a separate account for css now
  2. SonyTwan i've heard about you from css, don't think I actually played when you did but people still mention your name on the servers I play on haha And thanks doomblade its nice to see you again too
  3. Hey everyone, a couple of people might have seen me playing or might know me from other places I'm George, I'm 19 and am studying history at uni I remember playing on OB CSS JB for a bit around early/mid 2012, although it was my first time playing Jailbreak haha, I don't expect anyone to remember me I didn't really say much and didn't play too much but still it's nice to see this community's still around, didn't know it was still going on cs:go! See you around
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