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  1. fgt

    2 demos by me

    Hello, Just wanted to leave this here =\ Thanks,
  2. quick tip, try removing the hud when you record and 2nd tip, i guess you are editing it in sony vegas, as you can see in sony vegas if you do a slowmotion for 2-3 seconds it looks like your video has 15-20 fps, try going for more 4-5-6 seconds of slowmotion (i know it feels much but it isnt) that way the video wont lag
  3. Holy shit, bard is a beast
  4. Player Name: Golub SteamID: STEAM_1:1:99284541 Why should he be banned: cuz he is a fgt Evidence: watch from 4:00 Date of incident (to the best of your knowledge): 8/7/16 1:23 RO time
  5. Just get a free template :D?
  6. fgt

    Pokemon go

    there u go lvl 27 http://imgur.com/a/oCc97
  7. fgt

    Pokemon go

    Its not about having a good defense its about sending the right message. also got my 2500 gyarados today
  8. fgt

    Nutty Nick

    I like the intro (first 7 secs)
  9. Shit i got mvp
  10. looks like a christmass three
  11. fgt


    i dont like anime i like osu thats about it
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