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Found 2 results

  1. Grand Final Results Prizes CHAMPIONS: KRISSTIAN DRAGON'S STIKKY IKKY ASIAN BALLS (Jamie(c), Stiqqy(c), Kriss, Rachel, lkgddr, Weezy, Major Chaos(Sub), Skiller(Sub)) (£50(£10 each) - Msg Gunstar, £10 - weezy(£6), Major(£2), Skiller(£2) - Msg Gunstar, ESL OB Trophy on Forums, OB Champ Tag) Runner-Ups: Simi's Sexual Healing Squad (Simi(c), Landshark, Ekitai Hebi, Storm, Young Gerald) (5 Gamma Cases and keys - Msg Gibby (Let us know what you open)) 3rd/4th Place: The Tyre Slashers/Ur Nan 2.0 MVP: Fgt (Special Mentions: Simi (Wtf?), Lewis(Stats Monster), Jamie(Multi-Kill!), Stiqqy("Im the Captain Now"), Robert(HS Machine)) (M4A1S Cyrex FN - Msg Gunstar) 1v1 Tournament CHAMPION: Simi (Stat-track Ak-47 Point Disarray FT - Msg Substick, OB Champ Tag) Runner-Up: Thunder 3rd/4th Place: Robert/Danny ESL OB Aftermath 1v1 Multi Arena Event CHAMPION: Simi (Stat-Track AK-47 Blue Laminate MW - Msg Gibby, OB Champ Tag) What a tournament it has been, it wouldn't have been possible without you guys. I want to first of all thank Gibby for letting us use his servers (which he paid for with his own money), all his efforts on the stream overlays and casting etc. I also want to thank Substick who has also done a lot of behind the scenes work which he didn't get credit for, doing the stats and helping organise and plan this tournament in general and I also hope you guys liked the ESL Page which I made myself too. I have to mention that at some points it was very stressful for all the event hosts(sorting out subs etc) and took a LOT of our time (around 3/4 hours each game day + planning); A lot of tough decisions had to be made. I also hope you guys are happy with the prizes which me, Substick and Gibby have donated towards this tournament from our own pocket and community funds. Total money went into this tournament in servers and prizes are well over £100 because we wanted this to be as big, special and give you guys something to really fight for! It is also very nice to see the positive feedback from you guys especially about the production quality, so thanks a lot for that. We have also noted down things that could have been better (e.g team drafts, subs, notices and more stern on rules etc)and we will try to fix it for the next tournament as much as we can. That said, hope you guys have enjoyed the tournament, I know that as much as we wanted to be part of a team, it was also fun hosting and organising this for you guys. The next ESL tournament date is yet to be finalised, however, I am not sure about the other hosts but I will not be hosting the next one as I have put a lot of effort and time into this and would instead like to take the backseat as a sub or player the next time around to get the player experience instead. I also wanted to make a highlight video/videos about some of the best plays in the tournament however, didn't get the time to go and rewatch hours of demos, which is why this thread is kinda delayed (sorry). A lot of players have shown how godlike they can be and some have shown that they can actually play better than their rank eg lkay and finnley. I also have to mention Jamie here who has surprised us all and himself with his amazing casting. Special mentioning Simi for almost taking all the prizes for fuck sake. Anyway, again hope all of you guys all fun and see you guys again in the next ESL!
  2. ESL Outbreak Summer 2016 brought to you by Gunstar, Substick and Gibby The ESL Outbreak tournament this summer will be a 5v5 CSGO tournament where teams will duke it out to claim the prestigious Trophy and Steam prizes. There will also be a 1v1 tournament alongside the 5v5 tournament where you will get to show off your individual skill; the last man standing in the tournament will be crowned as the winner and will also receive a prize. Games will be streamed on the Outbreak Twitch channel and will be played on 128 tick servers based in France. The rules/formats/prizes and more details will come soon (we are still planning), in the meantime we would like to get an idea of how many players are interested for each tournament. We will announce the formats for the tournament after the sign up period has ended on Friday 17th of June. Schedule The tournament will start (first game) on Thursday 30th of June and Finals will be played on the Saturday 30th of July (Please note: 1v1 tournament will start 1 week earlier from the week beginning 20th of June). Game days will be Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays and there will be 2 5v5 games for group stages per day from 7-11pm and 1v1 matches before/in-between/after games (to be finalised). To tackle the problems from last tournament, we have decided to have matches on set days and times, we will give u guys the times the games will be played each day, therefore please only sign up to this tournament if you can be committed to these days/times(If you are away on holiday between this period and cannot play any games, PLEASE STATE THE PERIOD YOU WILL BE GONE WHEN SIGNING UP). Prizes Prizes will be awarded through steam, the actual prizes are still yet to be finalised but they will be at least £10 for the 5v5 winners and really nice weapon skins for 1v1 winner and MVP. Rules Outbreak has an extremely strict policy on cheating and thus, anybody caught using software or scripts that aid them in game will receive a permanent ban and be expelled from the community. This tournament is supposed to be fun though we do know and allow people to be competitive. That said, if we find that players are unnecessarily aggressive or generally just refusing to work with their team we will simply boot them from the tournament. If that is the case, you will be banned from all future tournaments and you will be at risk losing your position in the community. (We will be adding additional rules but don't want to overload you with too much detail at the moment.) Signing up · Please sign up using the template below, failure to use the template will mean your post will simply be ignored and eventually deleted. · If you are signing up to be a player, please state what rank you are on your account. Trolling or simply lying about your rank is unacceptable and once again, your post will be ignore, deleted and you will be excluded from the tournament. · Places or roles are not guaranteed upon signing up, the event hosts will have the right to assign the roles and exclude any individual from the tournament if we feel it's necessary. We are looking for players who we can trust to show up to matches and on time. Roles Ideally we assume most people will be signing up to play in the event, though a small minority might be interested in some of the other roles. People can apply for multiple roles though there is no guarantee that you will be chosen for the roles you are applying for (You might end up as a substitute if we have too many players as we would rather give you the chance to play for a team if you are needed rather than not letting you take part in the tournament at all). The roles are: Players Commentators Video Editors - You will be in charge of making highlight videos of decent quality of the best plays of the tournament. We will be rewarding you with steam credit/skins if you do a good job! Substitutes (Perhaps you don’t want to play but you are willing to step in if needed on an occasion) Template (USE THIS TO SIGN UP) Player Name: Role(s): Rank (If signing up to be a player): Tournament (1v1, 5v5 or both): Can you commit to the game days and show up on time?: Yes/No Are you going to be away at any point during the tournament? When to when?: Do NOT use this thread for questions or suggestions, use this thread instead for that, keep this thread for signups only, thanks.
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