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Found 5 results

  1. Welcome to the Outbreak League of Legends Winter Championship 2018! Sign up via Google Forms HERE Calendar Link Posted here when tournament schedule is confirmed. Tournament Information: Thanks for most of the thread format from previous tournaments xoxo General Infomation Sign up will be done via google forms (link above) If you need to changes or need to drop out of the tournament msg me directly this hopefully will it easier to manage. Commitment, Please ensure you are available before signing up for this event. There will be no more than 3 games maximum per night which will be dated as soon as we confirm numbers. This is an OB event and failure to comply with event host expectations can result in punishments. Current possible tournament dates being looked at are: 26th 27th 28th of Jan | 2nd 3rd 4th of Feb | 9th 10th 11th of Feb A rough guide to the schedule is below; Friday: 18.30 BST - 22.30 BST Saturday: 18.30 BST - 22.30 BST Sunday: 18.30 BST - 22.30 BST Players will only participate for one team in the tournament. Players must use the account name that they register for the tournament with. Players must be able to participate in tournament draft to compete. On registering you will be asked to name your role preferences, fill this in seriously or you will not be allowed to compete in the tournament. Note that your preferences do not guarantee what role you will be placed in. The role choices are ADC/Support/Middle/Top/Jungle. Once the teams have been decided, I will then create a battlefy tournament much like the previous League tournament which should provide stats and give a more detailed schedule. Team Management Each team will have 5 players. Players will be expected to be available and turn up for every game scheduled. Teams will be picked based on the sign-up list by selected captains prior to the event date, more information will be provided on captains in time. Captains will be responsible for organizing their team including roles, required screenshots and contacting hosts if assistance is required. Screenshots should be taken by captains of the pick & ban phase and the after game score screen. The system should automatically register results but screenshots are required in case of possible issues. Tournament Layout Server: EUW Game Mode: Tournament Draft Map: Summoners Rift (5v5) More information will be added on tournament format depending upon the number of players competing. Violation of Rules All players are expected to follow the rules, failure to follow the rules and respect staff members can result in disqualification among other repercussions. All player are expected to read all provided information and stay up to date with any tournament changes. Usual OB Tournament rules apply. Schedule Current possible tournament dates being looked at are: 26th 27th 28th of Jan | 2nd 3rd 4th of Feb | 9th 10th 11th of Feb Friday 18.30 BST - 22.30 BST Saturday 18.30 BST - 22.30 BST Sunday 18.30 BST - 22.30 BST *Above is a rough estimate of times you should be available for. **Exact times of match schedule will be confirmed once player signup count and teams are confirmed. I would like to get as many games streamed with casters so when signing up please click either Streamer or Caster if you'd like to get involved with this. The purpose of this thread is to serve as a Q&A section if you have any queries and also for us to fill you in on any important updates. As this is a tournament, the stance on not turning up for this if you sign up is rigid and will result in severe punishments if you fail to show - so please make sure you are available before signing up. SIGN UP! Please only sign up if you are committed and can definitely make it and are willing to commit the time. Sign up will be done via google forms (link above) If you need to changes or need to drop out of the tournament msg me directly this hopefully will it easier to manage.
  2. Yo Ho Ho and a Very Merry Christmas! Welcome to this year's Secret Santa! Just like last year there are a few rules So please read them before signing up You MUST be a Member, Veteran or be approved by me. If you'd like to take part and you aren't yet a member, apply now! You'll still have to trial, so do it early. You must spend between 7 and 15 pounds. Please don't go under as it's cheap, and don't go over because not everyone is made of wonga. Christmas is expensive enough as it is. If you sign up, you must at least make a wishlist so your secret Santa has a rough idea of what to get you! If you sign up, you MUST deliver. Failing to deliver could put your membership or any status in OB at risk. How it works/Things to consider If you want to sign up, post here. On the 18th of December, we'll draw the names and assign people their secret Santas - DO NOT TELL ANYONE, please. It ruins the surprise! You'll need to send your gift between the 22nd and 25th December (Try to get it as close to Christmas as you can). Once you have, let me know and we'll mark you off the list. If you've read this, please add Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious to your response. The word will be replaced with an emoticon once I've seen it so we can ensure everyone has read the post! Obviously, this is meant to be fun, so enjoy it! We've posted this slightly earlier this year in order to account for the newer trial-ists and possible members. Props to anyone that signs up and posts a nice Xmas image. Also just like last year, everybody that gets involved in this year's Secret Santa you'll be entered into a raffle with a chance to win an extra prize from me. SIGN UP LIST Nick Pepe Rhyse Pasickle Cheesepuff Vemix Frostie Kai Skill Akame Joji Extinct Brandon Jak Rory NuclearGamer Gingerpopper Veng3nce Brakedown Twiixtor Weezy Credits are given to Wist for the original post. (Totally not another copypasta of a copypasta)
  3. Hey Everyone, As this festive time of the year comes around I want give everyone an update on Outbreak. - Jailbreak Opening As many of you have already noticed Jailbreak is currently open for everyone! It's still in a BETA state as there are still a few issues that are popping up but most of it is working and needs to be playtested by our community. If you have any questions, suggestions or requests. Please visit the Jailbreak Section on our forums and make a post there. - Mod Apps Open I'm going to be opening Mod Apps of this December to see who gets involved in our latest refresh of the Jailbreak Server, So I'll be ideally looking for people who are committing a good amount of their time to JB. Those that are helping out with giving suggestions or that are trying to create a positive and fun environment on the server for everyone will be looked at positively. - Secret Santa Secret Santa is still open visit here if you would like to get involved. It's a good way to show your community spirit during this festive season. I'll be drawing names on the 18th December so you have up until then to join. If you do get involved please make sure you read the thread thoroughly, Thanks! - Donation System I've lowered the prices of our monthly/tri-monthly packages down to £4.99 and £11.99 and VIP will be going on sale to £40 until the 25th of December. Hopefully, we get some festive feeling people to donating to the server over this Christmas period as donations help keep the community and our servers alive. - Looking forward Current plans for the futures are to keep improving Jailbreak and its atmosphere so like to see as many boys in blue helping out with this January should be eventful as our Winter tournaments for both CSGO and League of Legends are planned for then. Anyway thanks to those who spent time reading time and everyone that tries to help out our community. All the best, Sir_Conor
  4. Thanks to Gunstar for creating this amazing video!
  5. Grand Final Results Prizes CHAMPIONS: KRISSTIAN DRAGON'S STIKKY IKKY ASIAN BALLS (Jamie(c), Stiqqy(c), Kriss, Rachel, lkgddr, Weezy, Major Chaos(Sub), Skiller(Sub)) (£50(£10 each) - Msg Gunstar, £10 - weezy(£6), Major(£2), Skiller(£2) - Msg Gunstar, ESL OB Trophy on Forums, OB Champ Tag) Runner-Ups: Simi's Sexual Healing Squad (Simi(c), Landshark, Ekitai Hebi, Storm, Young Gerald) (5 Gamma Cases and keys - Msg Gibby (Let us know what you open)) 3rd/4th Place: The Tyre Slashers/Ur Nan 2.0 MVP: Fgt (Special Mentions: Simi (Wtf?), Lewis(Stats Monster), Jamie(Multi-Kill!), Stiqqy("Im the Captain Now"), Robert(HS Machine)) (M4A1S Cyrex FN - Msg Gunstar) 1v1 Tournament CHAMPION: Simi (Stat-track Ak-47 Point Disarray FT - Msg Substick, OB Champ Tag) Runner-Up: Thunder 3rd/4th Place: Robert/Danny ESL OB Aftermath 1v1 Multi Arena Event CHAMPION: Simi (Stat-Track AK-47 Blue Laminate MW - Msg Gibby, OB Champ Tag) What a tournament it has been, it wouldn't have been possible without you guys. I want to first of all thank Gibby for letting us use his servers (which he paid for with his own money), all his efforts on the stream overlays and casting etc. I also want to thank Substick who has also done a lot of behind the scenes work which he didn't get credit for, doing the stats and helping organise and plan this tournament in general and I also hope you guys liked the ESL Page which I made myself too. I have to mention that at some points it was very stressful for all the event hosts(sorting out subs etc) and took a LOT of our time (around 3/4 hours each game day + planning); A lot of tough decisions had to be made. I also hope you guys are happy with the prizes which me, Substick and Gibby have donated towards this tournament from our own pocket and community funds. Total money went into this tournament in servers and prizes are well over £100 because we wanted this to be as big, special and give you guys something to really fight for! It is also very nice to see the positive feedback from you guys especially about the production quality, so thanks a lot for that. We have also noted down things that could have been better (e.g team drafts, subs, notices and more stern on rules etc)and we will try to fix it for the next tournament as much as we can. That said, hope you guys have enjoyed the tournament, I know that as much as we wanted to be part of a team, it was also fun hosting and organising this for you guys. The next ESL tournament date is yet to be finalised, however, I am not sure about the other hosts but I will not be hosting the next one as I have put a lot of effort and time into this and would instead like to take the backseat as a sub or player the next time around to get the player experience instead. I also wanted to make a highlight video/videos about some of the best plays in the tournament however, didn't get the time to go and rewatch hours of demos, which is why this thread is kinda delayed (sorry). A lot of players have shown how godlike they can be and some have shown that they can actually play better than their rank eg lkay and finnley. I also have to mention Jamie here who has surprised us all and himself with his amazing casting. Special mentioning Simi for almost taking all the prizes for fuck sake. Anyway, again hope all of you guys all fun and see you guys again in the next ESL!
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