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  2. Battlefield Vietnam was the shit when I was like 12. Used to play local play and troll around with friends and family, especially my twin cousins. I would fucking love to go back and experience it all over again.
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    Member application's

    Things regulars AND members comment on applications that I find a bit annoying. Even if we did restrict regulars from even posting their opinions on an applicant, our members aren't that perfect either. some of us even post crap on there (as given above), that you really can't take them seriously. Please don't take shots at me, it's my own OPINION. x')
  4. https://www.change.org/p/youtube-ban-ke ... -community
  5. -StarFox Adventure (Game Cube) -Smash Bros Melee (Game Cube) -Legend Of Zelda Ocarina (N64) :^) -Super Mario Sunshine :^)
  6. BY THE WAY To become a memebar you only have to be active on 2/3 platforms, so even though your forum activity looks shabby, it doesnt effect much on your chances on getting TRIAL. ♦ Members should be active on at least TWO of the following: the servers, the forum or teamspeak. On topic; +1 You have the maturity to actually represent our community whilst on our server. Can't recall having any problems with you. Good luck to you.
  7. Countless of times talking over the warden. Laughing on the mic for no reason what so ever repeatedly. Overall makes all sorts of excuses for every mistake you make. Don't see you on the forums or TS at all the past few weeks, might be unlucky on my part. Nice way to present OB if you want to become a memebar. Glhf!
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