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  1. Thunder

    HoI IV -60% off!

    https://store.steampowered.com/app/815460/Expansion__Hearts_of_Iron_IV_Man_the_Guns/ Man the Guns coming out Feb 28th. HYPE!
  2. Thunder


    https://store.steampowered.com/app/583950/Artifact/ Artifact is a new card game created by Valve coming out on the 28th of November. I think it looks very interesting. Just wondering if anyone else is thinking of buying the game?
  3. Thunder

    What is the BEST BEER

  4. Fake news by Kai I had 8 kills I will have you know.
  5. Thunder

    Happy birthday Sir Conor

    hb con con
  6. Thunder

    It’s loud thunder

    Yeah I hate thunder, so annoying
  7. Thunder

    Happy Birthday Akame

    hb lord of fag
  8. Thunder

    Who will die first?

    im surprised danny hasnt mumbled himself to death yet
  9. Thunder

    Monthly CS with Buy-Ins

    sorry even though this would be fun, as a student i cant justify paying for this...
  10. Thunder


    weed is a highly addictive gateway drug that has killed millions of people
  11. Thunder

    my cpu very hot what should i do?

    make sure you re-apply thermal paste on your cpu
  12. Thunder

    happy birthday danny boii

    hb big boi