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Why is it that when I suggest Parsec (which Cheesepuff told me about) no one listens? 


Also, you can play Cuphead co-op which I thought is a fucking cool ass feature.

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20 hours ago, SonyTwan said:

is this basically a better version of hamachi
i'm down for some mario party at some point


someone streams to u

ur controller/keyboard inputs get sent to them

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3 hours ago, SonyTwan said:

is there much of a delay?
could see many of the mini games in mario party being lost if there is one lol

fellow brits i've played with already said there was a delay but didn't seem to have much of a problem, i tries to have as little delay as possible so will rely massively on connection

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been doing some googling and it's possible to play without having to stream by using a fan made rom of the game and emulator netplay

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