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If you get 100 people to sign a petition then I'll get it back for you

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Thing is, if we do get it back it will only be popular for like a week then die after just like the Minecraft and Minigames server. If we do get the server back people gonna have to devote their life to the server to bring in new members and be active. This community isn't even CSGO related anymore.

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Whilst I'd like to hop on the "No one will play it train" I'm looking at the 0 player count on the minigames server and thinking that it wouldn't hurt to try changing the gamemode every now and then. It'll give us a good excuse to have events, get together and play CSGO, something I think many people would appreciate.

Worse case scenario is that our minigames server with no players turns into a jailbreak server with no players.

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