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    best pubg video i've seen
  2. Runescape

    ya boi coming in with the pet snakeling, tho id rather a blowpipe

    was in higher quality when i recorded it, but state of this scum greg and i played against.. bluehole sort yourselves out nvm youtube sorted the quality out lads
  4. ESL Outbreak Winter 2017

    sovman stand-in for liutvi rigged tourney
  5. General Fitness/Health Thread

    wot your height
  6. Runescape

    like 1.3k or something, very lucky lol. I'd bought something like 75k broad bolts and was ready to just camp for a couple hundred hours and got pretty fast lol
  7. Runescape

    yea when i started i enjoyed playing it a lot more, like you're skilling for a reason and not just for levels which makes it more tolerable lol
  8. Runescape

    so i finally invested the time into getting 85 crafting and boosting for a fury on my ironman, fury hype

    i played a solo yesterday, saw 1 person all game 400m away whilst i had a red dot, then got killed by 2 people playing together in a solo...
  10. Always switch weapons when moving

    here's the appropriate clip bc lewis too stoopid https://clips.twitch.tv/ReliableMiniatureShallotBleedPurple

    just won my first solo, kitted out with this and 3k in the last 5 alive for 5k win
  12. Runescape

    Play very on and off, playing my Ironman at the moment Stats on my OSRS Ironman Stats on my OSRS Main
  13. pls men i join this community to play coonter strijk with some friends, let's all get along and play some fast paced, high level cs
  14. hey

    "hey guys im not known here very well" pls can you not troll
  15. hey

    hey guys im not known here very well im friends of lewis and looking to make some life long friends i look forward to meeting you alL lustymaiden