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    Welcome @QuiloCS hope you enjoy your stay and be wary of the banter that some people mistake for toxicity.
  2. Division 2 is only $3 Scratch that. US region locked. https://store.ubi.com/us/tom-clancys-the-division-2/5b06a3994e0165fa45ffdcdf.html?edition=Standard Edition&lang=en_US
  3. We commiting warcrimes out here.
  4. As usual James ruins everything.
  5. Pretty sure its "Where's Waldo". Edit: Looked it up and Wally is the british version. Neat!
  6. Lets try opening up a jailbreak server. Heard those are popular.
  7. Might be time to swap it up to AMD. Here is what I am planning on buying since it looks pretty decent.
  8. So where is the Skype group?
  9. Make sure you also turn off Hardware Acceleration as that uses a lot when on.
  10. I only unlock when I need to for certain situations. I also didn't even know you could unlock it until like 2 months after I had gotten used to it. I try to force myself to unlock recently but its a pain.
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