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  1. Gaz

    Sad reality

    Admin section is dull. trust me
  2. Is it wrong to bump this thread as it is so old?
  3. Hello everyone. When I get on my pc I will reply to you all. Queers.
  4. Hi Sony, I'm good. How are you?
  5. Binary? 1 How are you?
  6. I remember you pestering a lot. Unless that was another Brandon. I was probably balls deep in something at a time, maybe I already said we would sort it shortly. Or perhaps I had already stepped down from my position. 2015 sounds like I had already stepped down. How are you enjoying OB?
  7. I haven't looked deep into what is going on here, but it looks good. I took over from McLovin, who was in the first generation of owners. I think I left it to Sir Conor when I left. I had some life changes, relationship changes, and knew I didn't have the time. It was a lot of stress running the community, trying to source money for servers and such. I was lucky as the members were good on that front. But I knew I needed to drop the community. I basically took a step back from gaming completely. I love that this place has stuck to its roots with prison break. I first came to the server after a really rough break up. Counter Strike Source was one of the few games you could play whilst appearing offline. I found the JB server, and got banned. Came back a while later and got into it. The same faces appear to be around, and everyone was chill. As for making this place better? Just enjoy yourselves, be wholesome, respect those people who are in staff positions. They work their fucking nuts off in their free time for you to enjoy yourselves. If you do that already, then carry on.
  8. Hello everyone, I'm just popping by to see how everyone is? Looking good around here. How have the past 3 years been? For those that don't know, I used to own OB for a while. Pushed heavily to turn multigaming, and move away from CS:S and expand a little. If you dont know me feel free to fire questions at me. If you do know me, tell me how you are and what you have been up to. It would be nice to say hello again.
  9. Gaz

    Happy birthday Gaz

    I want to learn to fly one day, so that is a cool as shit present. When my dad was eighteen, he got made fun of in school because he could fly sophisticated combat aircraft due to illegal training with the RAF but he couldn't drive a car. My Dad was a cooler eighteen year old than me... He could have been a homeless tramp and would have been cooler than you.
  10. Gaz

    Happy birthday Gaz

    On a side note, I got a couple of flying lessons for my birthday. 9/11 pt 2 incoming
  11. Gaz

    Happy birthday Gaz

    Happy Birthday Gaz!
  12. I read your signature as part of the post
  13. Gaz

    Sliding on the floor

    Go home garry you're drunk! Hello.
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