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Outbreak 2v2 Tournament - Results

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Winners: Team 1 - Kai & Ginger rigged

Runners Up: Team 2 - Danny & Desi

Semi-Finalists: Team 4 - Eagle & Akame and Team 6 - Fluxy & Brandon

Quarter-Finalists: Team 3 - Mini & Chus and Team 5 - Scrune & Skill


Thanks to Desi, Fluxy and Scrune for filling in on short notice.




These are the stats if anyone wants to have a gander: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vpAVtwpVD5j1QwIbHT8AsEMG5KXGiev5QGMtbVLh_lU/edit?usp=sharing

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When the tournament starts at quarter finals





but ty for event, was fun

Edited by The Almighty Eagle

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19 minutes ago, Scrune said:

how to clutch the last round 1v2


Still lost the series, but got a fun time out of it

I still don't understand how Akame didn't see/hear/shoot you

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